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This guide shows you how to add additional IPs to an existing IP Pool.
NOTE : You cannot add IPs to an IP Pool which has NAT enabled.


You can Add an IP from your Virtualizor Admin -> IP Pool -> Add IP You can add more than one IPs in the "Add IP" wizard. The following is a screenshot of the Add IP wizard.


Required Inputs

  • IP Type : The type of IP you are adding. By default the page will load with an IPv4 selected. If you are adding an IPv6, please choose IPv6.
  • Enter IP : You will need to enter the IP here. You can add multiple IPs by clicking the Add more IPs.
  • First IP and Last IP : If you want to add a range of new IPs, you can do so by specifying the First and last IP of the range.
  • Select Pool : You can choose which pool these IP(s) will belong to.
  • Select Server : Incase you have slave servers, you will need to choose the Server on which this IP can be used.