Hardware Requirements

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The Hardware Node requirements for the standard 32-bit edition of OpenVZ are the following:

   *IBM PC-compatible computer;
   *Intel Celeron, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, Xeon, or AMD Athlon CPU;
   *At least 128 MB of RAM;
   *Hard drive(s) with at least 4 GB of free disk space;
   *Network card (either Intel EtherExpress100 (i82557-, i82558- or i82559-based) or 3Com (3c905 or 3c905B or 3c595) 
    or RTL8139-based are recommended). 

The exact computer configuration depends on how many Virtual Private Servers you are going to run on the computer and what load these VPSs are going to produce. Thus, in order to choose the right configuration, please follow the recommendations below:

   *CPUs. The more Virtual Private Servers you plan to run simultaneously, the more CPUs you need.
   *Memory. The more memory you have, the more Virtual Private Servers you can run. The exact figure depends on the number and nature 
    of applications you are planning to run in your Virtual Private Servers. However, on the average, at least 1 GB of RAM is  
    recommended for every 20-30 Virtual Private Servers;
   *Disk space. Each Virtual Private Server occupies 400–600 MB of hard disk space for system files in addition to the user data     
    inside the Virtual Private Server (for example, web site content). You should consider it when planning disk               
    partitioning and the number of Virtual Private Servers to run. 


The Full XEN hypervisor and KVM hypervisor requires:

   an Intel processor with the Intel VT and the Intel 64 extensions, or
   an AMD processor with the AMD-V and the AMD64 extensions. 
  • Minimum system requirements
   6GB free disk space
   2GB of RAM. 
  • Recommended system requirements
   Anything above the minimum requirements according to user specific needs.