Importing into Virtualizor XenServer

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This article will explain how to import your existing VM in newly installed Virtualizor.

Note : This will lead to downtime for avoiding any kind of data lose. The VPS storage should be RAW LVM based (VHD is currently not supported).


Make sure:

  • you have Xencenter running and connected to server
  • you have at least one good backup of the virtual machine you intend to import
  • the VMs that need to be imported are powered off


Step 1:

Create a new VM with matching configuration of the old VM, but with storage capacity of 2GB( because we are going to delete this later ).

New install vm xenserver.jpg

Step 2:

Detach and then delete the disk from Xencenter. See the below images

2a) Delete the old vm, as shown in the below images. Do not delete the disk of the old vm. Delete1.jpg


2b) Now delete the disk of the New vm (eg: 1001), as shown in below images Note:- Remember the disk name, it will be used later.. Delete3.jpg

Step 3:

Attach the old vm disk to newly created vm , follow the below image Delete4.jpg

Step 4:

Now change the disk name of the attached disk to the name of the previous added VM (step 2b)

Step 5:

Through Virtualizor panel edit the vps disk size more than the disk size of the old vm. Finally start the vps