Upgrade VPS

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This guide will give you an idea about how to upgrade your VPS license in client center.


  • Login to Softaculous Client Center.
  • Click on "My Licenses" option in Virtualizor Section.
  • Choose the license you want to update and click Edit License icon.

Upgrade VPS1.png

  • On the License Info page, select the number of VPS and click on Update License.

(NOTE : You can not downgrade the VPS.)

Upgrade VPS2.png

  • Click Ok to proceed.

Upgrade VPS3.png

  • You will be now redirected to the invoice page, where you can pay the invoice through the available payment options on the page.

Upgrade VPS4.png

  • After successful payment, your license will be upgraded automatically.

Refreshing License

  • The license on your server will refresh the next time the CRON runs on your server. But you can do it manually as well. Go to the Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Configuration -> License Info and click on Refresh License for immediate update.