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Virtualizor provides 3 ways to backup the VPS. FTP, SSH and Local Backup.

This guide shows how to setup the backup process for a server. There are mainly 2 steps involved in this :

  • Setting up the FTP server or SSH Server.
  • Configuring the backup frequency

Setting up the FTP/SSH server

You will need to add the Backup server where the backups will take place. To do so go to :

Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Servers -> Add backup server

Select the Backup server type(SSH and FTP) and enter the server credentials.

Note :- If you choose FTP, you will be able to configure setting only if FTP backup server is configured.

Configuring the backup frequency

After adding the backup server you will need to configure the Virtualizor Server you wish to backup.

Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Backups (Menu) -> VPS Backup Settings

The following screen will appear :

VPS Backups1.png

The Settings in detail

Backup Server

This is the name of the backup server to which the backup servers will be uploaded. Atleast one backup server needs to be added before enabling VPS backups.

Backup Frequency


VPS Backups2.png

This will initiate the backup process every amount of hours selected.


VPS Backups3.png

This will initiate the backup process every day, at the selected time.


VPS Backups4.png

This will initiate the backup process every week on the selected day at the selected time.


VPS Backups5.png

This will initiate the backup process every month on the selected date at the selected time.

Process Priority

This will assign the priority of the backup process. The higher the priority the more CPU time it gets. A higher value means a low priority and a lower negative value means a high priority. If there are large containers on the node its recommended run it at the lowest priority i.e 19 .

Process I/O Priority

This will assign the priority of the backup process input/output. The higher the priority the more disk time it gets. There are two aspects of this:


Values between 1 to 7 can be selected. Its is recommended to use a medium value such as 4.


The backup process will be get disk time only when no other program is requesting it. Recommended for long backups processes
Best Effort
Real Time
The backup process will be given high disk priority over other programs.

VPS Backup List

The list of VPS to include and exclude from the backup process. Atleast a single entry must be selected to enable backups


The log file for the backup process can be found at /var/log/virtualizor-backups.log

Note:- Backups are not supported on File Based Storage.

Starting immediate backup

You Will require to configure all the settings for UI first .

Then execute the Below command from console :-

/usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/virtualizor/scripts/vpsbackups.php