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Console KeyMaps


KeyMaps are the Keyboard language layout for the VNC console. When you operate any VPS through VNC then automatically United States (EN) keyboard layout is assigned to the VNC. Users can now change the layout with the option available in VPS creation and editing process.

Available KeyMaps

  • ar
  • da
  • de-ch
  • en-us
  • et
  • fo
  • fr-be
  • fr-ch
  • hu
  • it
  • lt
  • mk
  • nl
  • no
  • pt
  • ru
  • sv
  • tr
  • de
  • en-gb
  • es
  • fi
  • fr
  • fr-ca
  • hr
  • is
  • ja
  • lv
  • nl-be
  • pl
  • pt-br
  • sl
  • th


VNC console keyMaps feature is only available for KVM and XEN based VPS.

How to Enable KeyMaps

KeyMaps settings can be set while the process of creation and deletion of a VPS. When you create or edit a VPS, you will find option to set the VNC Console KeyMaps in the "Advance Option".

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