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This page displays all the VPS(s) of the user. user can perform various task on the VPS(s) from this page.

Following are the tasks user can perform on the single VPS or multiple VPS(s) :

  • Start / Stop
  • Restart
  • Power off
  • Delete
  • Suspend / Unsuspend
  • Edit

Search VPS(s)

User can filter the VPS(s) from the search option.

Following are the options to filter the VPS(s)

  • ID - VPS ID.
  • IP Address - IP address assigned to the VPS.
  • Hostname - hostname of the VPS.
  • Status - suspended / unsuspended.
  • Type - Virtualization type of VPS.
  • User - User of the VPS.
  • Server Group - VPS belongs to the server group.

Note : To search the VPS with the LIKE option put "*" before or after the search string. this feature is supported in IP address, Hostname and User fields.

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