Virtualizor 2.9.8 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor

This version has many features and bug fixes.

Here is the change list :

1) [Feature] Added bus driver selection while VPS creation for KVM VMs on Virtualizor Proxmox server.

2) [Feature] Added an option to Enable / Disable VPS plan.

3) [Feature] Added TUN TAP / PPP option for OpenVZ containers on OpenVZ 7.

4) [Feature] If Cloud registration is enabled and “Enable Login WHMCS user” setting is enabled then Virtualizor will validate the login details from WHMCS and if it is valid then creates a Cloud user with plan selected in Billing setting.
NOTE: To enable this Admin need to enable WHMCS callback from Admin panel -> Configuration -> Master setting -> Callback Setting section -> Enable Login for WHMCS user

5) [Feature] Added payment gateways like (Payuindia, Twocheckout) for cloud billing module. Now Admin can add custom payment gateway in Virtualizor for Cloud billing module. For how to enable these gateways please go through the following guide :

For how to add custom payment gateway go through the following guide :

6) [Feature] Bandwidth graph in enduser panel will be shown as per VPS creation date.

7) [Feature] Cache Passthrough will be added automatically if host-passthrough is selected. Requires qemu version greater than 2.0+

8) [Feature] Now cloud user can user the same WHMCS registration details to login on the Virtualizor Cloud Panel. To enable this Admin need to enable Callback setting. Please go through the following link for more details :

9) [Feature] Added provision to define custom configuration for php-fpm. Here is the guide foe how to do it :

10) [Task] Invoices under billing module can now be downloaded.

11) [Task] While deleting VMs from List VS page, Hostname and VPS ID will now be displayed in the confirmation alert.

12) [Task] If IPPool is shared, all servers will be shown on edit IP wizard. Before it was showing only one server.

13) [Task] Information on Preferences page in enduser panel is now mandatory.

14) [Task] Change Hostname callback will be created if Hostname is changed from enduser panel.

15) [Task] On cloud billing section, it was showing usage for only unpaid invoices. Now it will show unbilled usage first and then billed usage as well.

16) [Task] Added virt-df setting for KVM only. It was removed due to issues on some servers. By default it will be off. Admin needs to enable it to use it for Disk and IO usage statistics.

17) [Task] CURL checking added in virtnetwork start. On some servers ping was disabled and due to that virtnetwork was not able to start.

18) [Bugfix] On Ubuntu Nodes service virtnetwork restart was not working correctly. This is fixed.

19) [Bugfix] While importing from Proxmox, if ISO was added to a VM, at that time addition disk was created with 0 size in Virtualizor. This is fixed.

20) [Bugfix] While importing from Proxmox, ThinLVM storage was not getting imported. This is fixed.

21) [Bugfix] After editing LXC container on Virtualizor Proxmox, its network was not working due to change of MAC address. This is fixed.

22) [Bugfix] OpenVZ 7 KVM VMs were not auto started on Node reboot. This is fixed.

23) [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7, when VMs were created with routed enabled IPs and if routed was disabled in IPpool, VMs network was still operated as routed instead of bridged. This is fixed.

NOTE: To update to bridge network edit operation for VM is required after disabling routed in Ippool.

24) [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7 while creating OS template if the template with the same name was present, Virtualizor was overwriting the previous template with new one instead of throwing error. This is fixed.

25) [Bugfix] On Virtualizor Admin dashboard, for Centos 6.10 it was showing 6.1 for OS in Server Statistic section. This is fixed.

26) [Bugfix] While Migration / Clone operation Locked IPs were also used. This is fixed.

27) [Bugfix] On List Ips wizard search operation was not working for Servers. This is fixed.

28) [Bugfix] While adding users / Editing users, if password had special character as “\”, it was giving error. This is fixed.

29) [Bugfix] Migrate Master utility was giving SQL error due to minor bug. This is fixed.

30) [Bugfix] If WHMCS callback is enabled and Multiple Virtualizor servers are added in WHMCS, it was causing issues. As there is high chance of same VPSID on all Virtualizor servers, due to which while making callback API call it was affecting all vps whose VPS IDs are same but servers are different. This is fixed.

NOTE: To fix this issue WHMCS module needs to updated.

31) [Bugfix] WHMCS reseller module was removing IPs on Change package. This is fixed.

NOTE: To fix this WHMCS reseller module needs to be updated.

32) [Bugfix] Cloud users Media Groups were not applied to its users, due to that users of cloud user were able to access all templates. This is fixed.

33) [Bugfix] Recipe and Control Panel installation was not working if both selected at the same time. This is fixed.

34) [Bugfix] While making API call for VPS Statistics for Slave server, it was returning null. This is fixed.

35) [Bugfix] Sub-domain emails were not getting added if sub-domain had “-” OR “_” characters. This is fixed.

===================== Patch 1 =====================

36) [Feature] Added TUN/TAP and PPP setting in enduser panel for VZO containers.

37) [Bugfix] In VM creation Email VPS Name was being sent as VPS ID. This is fixed.

38) [Bugfix] Added check for QEMU Version while adding cache passthrough. On some server Libvirt version was updated but if QEMU version was older at that time this setting was not working. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

39) [Bugfix] Cloud user launch instance was not working due to minor issue in This is fixed.

40) [Task] Updated SDK with newly added functionalities like Billing, resource pricing etc.

===================== Patch 2 =====================

41) [Bugfix] Live speed graph was not showing the speed in enduser panel. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

42) [Bugfix] IPs were not listed in WHMCS reseller module for RDNS wizard. This is fixed.

NOTE: For this you will need to update WHMCS reseller module.

43) [Bugfix] On multivirt Virtualization like Proxmox (kvm + lxc) it was giving error notice message as “11” on Manage Server wizard. This is fixed.

===================== Patch 3 =====================

44) [Bugfix] In we introduced the host-cache passthrough option for KVM VMs. But on some servers the qemu version shown in command “virsh version” was different than qemu binary and due to that cache-passthrough was not working and VMs were not able to start. This is fixed.

45) [Bugfix] On admin panel dashboard, when you select any other server for statistics, it was not hiding the information of previous server. This is fixed.

===================== Patch 4 =====================

46) [Bugfix] While importing KVM VMs from SolusVM, config file was not present and due to that Virtualizor was not able to start the VMs until Edit VPS was performed. This is fixed.

47) [Bugfix] On Xen PV VMs with swap enabled were not getting resized on Edit VPS operation. This is fixed.

48) [Bugfix] On Add VPS wizard PEA option was not getting set and due to that on many VM was not getting booted. This issue was coming since This is fixed.

===================== Patch 5 =====================

49) [Bugfix] On some servers after importing from SolusVM kvm, Stop and Start operations were not working. This was happening only for first Stop and Start operation. This is fixed now.

===================== Patch 6 =====================

50) [Bugfix] On some servers after importing from SolusVM kvm, Stop and Start operations were not working. This was happening only for first Stop and Start operation. This is fixed now.

NOTE: Please update Virtualizor WHMCS Modules. We have updated for Virtualizor version 2.9.8+

Here are the links to download the new modules :

===================== Patch 7 =====================

51) [Task] Internal improvement in the core code.

===================== Patch 8 =====================

52) [Task] SQL query improvement.

Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, OpenVZ 7, Xen, XenServer, LXC and Linux-KVM on CentOS and Ubuntu and they all can be managed from the Master. We are adding more features and if you have any suggestions, do let us know. We hope you enjoy this version of Virtualizor.

The Virtualizor Team