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Unlimited VPS License/Server $9/Month ₹585/Month
1 VPS License/Server $1/Month ₹65/Month
2 VPS License/Server $2/Month ₹130/Month
3 VPS License/Server $3/Month ₹195/Month
4 VPS License/Server $4/Month ₹260/Month
5 VPS License/Server $5/Month ₹325/Month
6 VPS License/Server $6/Month ₹390/Month
7 VPS License/Server $7/Month ₹455/Month
8 VPS License/Server $8/Month ₹520/Month
Unlimited VPS License/Server $95/Year ₹6175/Year
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  • For sales within India, 18% GST will be applicable.
  • If you need any information, please email us
Types of License

Master Only License

If you dont want to create any VPS on the Master Node, you can purchase the 1 VPS license and install Virtualizor Master Only. However, if you plan to create VPS on your master use any license listed above

Free Trial

We offer one month free trial license to all users who want to give virtualizor a try. To get a trial license simply Install Virtualizor and the license will be issued automatically.

Yearly/Monthly License

Yearly/Monthly License are leased license. The features of a Yearly/Monthly are as following:
  • One License per server
  • Upgrades for as long as your license is active
  • Support related to Virtualizor for as long as your license is active
  • All features are included
  • Yearly/Monthly renewal is required

Refund Policy

  • Yearly License : We follow a One Month refund policy.
  • Monthly License : We follow a 15 Days refund policy.

Payment Options

The following Payment options are available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a different license for different virtualization types ?

No, you dont need different licenses.

Q. What virtualization technology can I use on the Master ?

You can use OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM, XenServer or Linux-KVM as the Master Virtualization technology