Virtualizor Incremental Backup

With virtualizor backuply you can take Incremental Backups easily from panel. Virtualizor has fully customizable automated backups, which helps to take backups at your convenient time.

With virtualizor backuply you can upload the backups to the remote server (SSH/FTP).

With virtualizor backuply you can easily manage backups from virtualizor panel itself, you can also apply rotation on backups.

With virtualizor backuply you can easily restore backups to existing VPS or to a new VPS.

Virtualizor supports Incremental backups for KVM, Virtuozzo KVM and Virtuozzo openvz (only in VHS paid version) machines and Proxmox.

Key Features

Automated Incremental Backups

You can set Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even Hourly automated backups which are completely customizable from the panel !

Fast Incremental Backups

Simplified, Quick and Efficient backup process !

Easy to Restore

Backups can be easily managed from both admin/enduser panel. You can even restore backups from admin/enduser panel !


Virtualizor Backuply is available at $10/month/server. You can enable for your virtualizor licence by purchasing backuply license from client center.