2017 Year In Review – Virtualizor (VPS Control Panel)

2017 has been a big year at Virtualizor !! As we bid goodbye to 2017, its time to review the changes in the past 12 months.

Major Changes in 2017

  • Added support for more virtualization technology like Proxmox KVM, Proxmox OpenVZ and Proxmox LXC.
  • Added support for Virtuozzo.
  • Added support for OpenVZ 7.
  • Added migration support for XenServer.
  • Added and Updated many OS Templates in Virtualizor.
  • ¬†Added several features, bug fixes and improvements. One of the features we added recently is Virtualizor XEN now can be installed on CentOS 7. (NOTE:¬† Requires Virtualizor 2.9.5+)
  • Updated Enduser and Admin API documentation. Here is the link for the new Admin and Enduser API Docs.
    Admin API :https://virtualizor.com/admin-api
    Enduser API :https://virtualizor.com/enduser-api
  • Revamped the Admin Dashboard as per the new generation UI.
  • Added features like Enduser ISO, Admin two factor authentication and many more features with security updates and user suggestions to make Virtualizor panel more stable.We also added many new partners this year who started offering Virtualizor for the ease of maintaining VMs. Check out our NOC partners list here.

We would like to Thank all our clients for showing confidence in our products. We appreciate your business with us and assure you that we will deliver more features and enhancements in 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Virtualizor !!

PS : We are working during the holiday season so you can contact us for support related or any other queries and we will be glad to help you.

The Virtualizor Team

Virtualizor 2.9.5 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 2.9.5
This version introduces some great improvements and bugfix.

This version has the following changes :

1) [Feature] Virtualizor now supports XEN installation on Centos 7+

2) [Feature] Added Master setting to enable HVM flag by default for the Create VPS. Admin can also uncheck the checkbox while creating the VPS.

3) [Feature] Added Two Factor Authentication for Admin Panel.

4) [Feature] Added setting for Auto Deletion of Enduser ISO. Admin can set the hours after which the enduser ISO will be deleted. Notice will be shown to the enduser after which their ISO will be deleted in enduser panel.

5) [Task] Improved enduser SDK. Now Admin API key and pass can be used in the enduser SDK to perform actions. NOTE : This is just an SDK change and not an API level change.

6) [Task] Added setting to Disable Backup emails / Set Backup Email. So that emails related will be turned off / will be sent to backup email. Error email will be sent forcefully.

7) [Task] Implemented backups as per the Service Period of VPS.

8) [Task] Now Virtuozzo KVM, Virtuozzo OpenVZ and OpenVZ will preserve the state of the container / VM after node reboot.

9) [Task] Added setting for disabling use of virt-top utility which was used to gather CPU usage of VMs. NOTE: If this setting is turned on CPU usage will not be shown on List VPS wizard.

10) [Task] Updated phpMyAdmin to latest version 4.7.5

11) [BugFix] List services wizard was not working on servers with CentOS 7 OS. This is Fixed.

12) [BugFix] Admin was not able to manage (Start, Stop or Restart) the services from Services Wizard for Slave servers. This is Fixed.

13) [BugFix] In Mail to Users wizard if Subject had apostrophe “‘” it was changed to html entity when mail was sent. This is fixed.

14) [BugFix] If in bridge file the PREFIX was specified as 32, virtnetwork was not getting started. This is fixed.

15) [BugFix] LetsEncypt was not installing SSL certificate as the agreement link was outdated. This is fixed.

16) [BugFix] If a VM had 2 Disk assigned (From Admin Panel) and if that VM was edited from Cloud User Panel, total disk space was getting calculated and added to Primary disk and second disk was getting removed. This is fixed. Now if the VM is edited from Cloud user panel the changed space will be added to primary disk without affecting the secondary disks.

17) [BugFix] There was bug for Thin Pool storage. Virtualizor was creating the snapshot outside the pool and due to that if the space was not there, backup was failing even though enough space was there inside the Thin Pool. This is fixed. Now Virtualizor will create snapshot inside the Thin Pool.

18) [BugFix] Virtualizor was not able to add ebtables rules for VMs imported from SolusVM. This is fixed.

19) [BugFix] Virtualizor was not able to detect the proper vifname for VMs imported from SolusVM for XEN virtualization. Note : The vifname will be used as per SolusVM until the VM is rebooted.

20) [BugFix] On XEN Nodes Ebatbles rules were not getting deleted even after deletion of VM. This is fixed.
NOTE: We request Admin(s) to flush ebatble rules once and recreate it from Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Virtual Server -> List VPS -> Select All VMs -> Select “Update Network Rule” from the dropdown at the bottom of the page and click on Go button. It will recreate the ebtables rules for the selected VMs.

21) [BugFix] On List VPS wizard, wildcard search was not working for IPs. This is fixed.

22) [BugFix] If a VM was created from WHMCS with ISO, the ISO was not getting attached to the VM. This issue was introduced in 2.9.4. This is fixed.

23) [BugFix] GZIP was not working if multiple VMs were selected for migration in the migration wizard. This is fixed.

24) [BugFix] On VPS Manage wizard if MAC was changed it was not getting set properly due to a minor bug. This is fixed.

25) [BugFix] On some servers SSH Backup was not able to create backup directory. This is fixed.

26) [BugFix] On some OpenVZ 7 servers, IP was shown as in the Create VPS wizard, after VPS creation is finished. This is fixed.

27) [BugFix] Disable SSH Key was not working for enduser panel. This is fixed.

28) [BugFix] If Backup Queue was set as more than 1, at that time Backups were failing on OpenVZ node. This is fixed.

29) [BugFix] Uncompressed backups were failing if the VM size was more than 20GB. This is fixed.

30) [BugFix] Admin SDK was not able to get the slave servers stats and vps stats. This is fixed.

31) [BugFix] If a VM was created with more than 4 Disks and / or ISO(s), and if VirtIO disk driver was selected, at that time the VM was not able to start. This is fixed.

32) [BugFix] OS Name was not getting set after Migration / Clone, due to that OS logo was shown as Other OS and unknown OS was shown. This is fixed.

====================== Patch 1 ======================

33) [BugFix] On Proxmox servers disk size in decimal is not possible an due to that it was giving error while creating VMs on Proxmox KVM. This is fixed.

34) [BugFix] Backups via cron were not working since This is fixed.

====================== Patch 2 ======================

35) [Task] Changes to use secure links (HTTPS) for connecting to virtualizor servers.

36) [Task] Changed Dropdown selection to searchable field, so that user can easily search from the options when having long list in dropdown.

37) [BugFix] On XenServer, migration was not working due to an issue introduced in Virtualizor This is fixed.

38) [BugFix] On Manage VPS wizard, changing the CPU Topology was triggering an error. This is fixed.

39) [BugFix] On Manage VPS wizard while saving the settings if IPv6 is assigned to the VPS, IPv6 was being set as Primary IP along with the IPv4. This is Fixed.

40) [BugFix] While restoring the backup on new server, using “Restore to New VPS” wizard it was triggering the error “No backup plan found”. Now if same backup Plan (i.e. Backup plan ID) is not present on the server it will be set same as VPS Plan. This is fixed.

41) [BugFix] If multiple Backup plans had the same timing for backup, only one Plan was getting executed. This is fixed.

42) [BugFix] After deleting the Enduser ISO, it was not getting deleted from the DB. This is fixed.

43) [BugFix] On Xenserver while migrating VMs with Preserve IP enabled was giving false error message for the Primary IP. This is fixed.

44) [BugFix] File base storage for Xen HVM was removed in Now user can create VMs on file base storage for Xen HVM.

====================== Patch 3 ======================

45) [BugFix] When VPS was rebuild from enduser panel at that time in Users and VPS log vpsid was filled as 0. This is fixed.

46) [BugFix] Storage threshold was not triggering email for decimal values (Example 90.50%). This is fixed.

47) [BugFix] When multiple orders were placed from WHMCS to create VPS at that time duplicate VPS Names were getting created if VPS naming crossed number of 9999 (For example if VM names were crossed naming V9999, v10000..). This is fixed.

48) [BugFix] If Admin has configured Virtualizor on port 80 and 443 and restricted the ports 4083, at that time NoVNC was not working from enduser panel. This is fixed.

49) [BugFix] If KVM VMs was created with more than 4 Disks and ISO virtio was disabled, at that time VM was not able to start. Due to limitation of IDE on KVM guest. This is handled now and will give error for that.

====================== Patch 4 ======================

50) [Task] QCOW2 VM creation were getting failed due to an update of CentOS 7.5. This is fixed.

51) [BugFix] On OpenVZ 7, CT creation was failing in some scenario. This is fixed.

52) [BugFix] Proxmox API calls will be made on instead of public IP. Due to this proxmox setup on internal networking will be working properly.

53) [BugFix] On KVM Slave servers, windows VM password was not getting changed. This is fixed.

====================== Patch 5 ======================

54) [BugFix] Minor fix for OpenVZ CT creation.

55) [BugFix] Rescue mode was not getting Enabled/Disabled using API. This is fixed.

56) [BugFix] On Proxmox Slave servers, templates were not getting downloaded and due to that the VMs were not getting created giving error as failed to change password. This is fixed.

====================== Patch 6 ======================

57) [Bugfix] If VPS template was virtio enabled and while VPS creation swap is created and virtio was disabled, Virtualizor was not handling it properly. This is fixed.

58) [Bugfix] In Proxmox KVM VLAN Bridge was not getting added to config even if it was defined in IP pool. This is fixed.

59) [Bugfix] In OpenVZ while restore to new VPS action was performed, Virtualizor was not cleaning up the unwanted files. This is fixed.

60) [Bugfix] On the Slave Settings form for proxmox servers if the form was submitted with empty root password it was saved as empty causing the API calls to fail. This is fixed.

Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, OpenVZ 7, Xen, XenServer, LXC and Linux-KVM on CentOS and Ubuntu and they all can be managed from the Master. We are adding more features and if you have any suggestions, do let us know. We hope you enjoy this version of Virtualizor.

The Virtualizor Team