Virtualizor 3.0.2 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.2
In this version we have introduced some bug fixes and improvements. Here is the complete change list:

1. [Feature] Added detailed logging for each operations performed by Virtualizor.

2. [Feature] Added global search. It will find the match for VPS names, IP, Users, Servers.

3. [Feature] Added CCAvenue payment gateway for Cloud billing payment option. Click Here for how to enable CCAvenue payment gateway.

4. [Feature] Added backup option on ManageVPS wizard in Admin panel. So that admin can take single backup of the VM from admin panel instead of starting the backups for all VMs from Edit Backup Plan wizard.

5. [Task] Improved API responses for error and done messages.

6. [Bug-fix] If Windows Email server was used for SMTP email setting, at that time mails were not sent. This is fixed.

7. [Bug-fix] If ZFS storage was setup as shared storage via network, at that time dd operation for copying ostemplate was taking time to reflect the changes and due to that VM creation failed. This is fixed.

8. [ Bug-fix] If storage was shared among all servers and any particular storage was selected as well, at that time syncing with that slave server was failing and due to that VM creation failed. This is fixed.

9. [ Bug-fix] On Proxmox for few API calls Virtualizor was not waiting for task to complete and hence producing an error. This is fixed.

10. [ Bug-fix] On some servers Virtualizor was not able to detect the size of QCOW2 disks and due to that resize was not possible. This is fixed.

================ Patch 1 ================

11. [Bug-fix] Logs were not shown in Admin dashboard logs sections. This is fixed.

12. [Bug-fix] Forgot password KEY was not sent from enduser forgot password wizard, if Admin had saved the “Forgot Password email template” as HTML format. This is fixed.

13. [Bug-fix] Cloud Billing module was adding charges for deleted VMs as well. This is fixed.

14. [Bug-fix] If cloud billing was enabled and VM(s) were created with ISO at that time it was giving error. This is fixed.

15. [Bug-fix] All virtualization plans were shown to a billing enabled cloud user even single virtualization was assigned to that cloud user. This is fixed.

================ Patch 2 ================

16. [Bug-fix] Minor sql issue fix. This issue was introduced in

================ Patch 3 ================

17. [Bug-fix] On LXC servers CT(s) were not getting network connectivity if created using NAT IPs. This is fixed.

18. [Bug-fix] If HAProxy was disabled and any edit VM operation was performed at that time HAProxy task was created and not completed. This is fixed.

19. [Task] Now Virtualizor header made sticky.

20. [Task] Improved error details for failure of Download OS template task.

================ Patch 4 ================

21.[Feature] Added Migration support for OpenVZ7 CT/VM

22. [Bugfix] Multivirt page was not working. This is fixed.

================ Patch 5 ================

23. [Bugfix] Virtualizor was not able to resize the Primary disk of size greater than or equal to 2TB, so added restriction at the moment so it does not corrupt the VMs. Fix for this will be added soon in future release.

24. [Bugfix] On cloud user registration DNS Plans were not getting assigned to cloud user. This is fixed.

25. [Bugfix] On Openvz 7 Virtualizor was not able to create container due to the recent update of the openvz 7. This is fixed.

================ Patch 6 ===============

26. [Task] Improved SSH based backup restore process further.

27. [Feature] Added master setting “Disable 2TB check for VPS”. This setting will allow you to disable 2TB check Virtualizor performs on VPS primary disk.

28. [BugFix] OpenVZ container’s network upload/download speed changes were not getting applied correctly. This is now fixed.
To fix this issue for existing OpenVZ CT, you will need to run “Update Network Rules” by selecting those VPS in List VS page of Admin panel or Edit those VPS once without any changes. There is no need to Power OFF CT while doing this.

29. [BugFix] On KVM nodes running on Ubuntu based OS, for file based running VPS backup creation failed. This was observed on Ubuntu 18.04. This is now fixed.

================ Patch 7 ===============

30. [BugFix] VPS creation from WHMCS was restricting disk space 2TB and above even when Master setting for “Disable 2TB for VPS” was enabled. This is now fixed.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team.