How to use Configurable Options in Virtualizor WHMCS Module

Virtualizor team has released the latest version of WHMCS module this week with the support for Configurable Options and full GUI rewrite for client panel. The admins can set the configurable options for their Virtualizor product in WHMCS so they don’t need to create individual products with different specifications and users can customize the order before the purchase.

If you are running on WHMCS Module v3, we recommend you to upgrade to WHMCS Module v4. Changelog and installations instructions can be found here.

After upgrading to new module, please follow further to add the configurable options for following categories :

  • Number of IPs
  • Space
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU Cores
  • Network Speed
  • CPU Percent

Step 1 > Go to “Setup” > “Product/Services” > “Configurable Options“.

Step 2 > On the Configurable Option Group Page, Click on “Create a New Group

Step 3 > Set the fields Group Name, Description and Assign one Product.

Step 4 > After saving, on the same page, click on “Add New Configurable Option” and a new window will popup.

Step 5 > In the Configurable option Window, add an Option Name and select any one Option Type. You can set the different values which you want to show to your clients on order page. Admins can also set the pricing details for each configurable option, so upon product customization by clients, the order price is also set accordingly.

Step 6 > Likewise step 5, add other options also. You can get the foll list of option in our documentation. A full list of Configurable options can be seen in below image.

NOTE : The order of preference for selection of Configurable Options is first i.e. If a Product/Service has (lets say) Ram defined as 512 MB and you have also created a Configurable Option with variable Ram options, then the users chosen Ram value from configurable options will be used and not the ram value in Product/Service.

That’s all, you are done ! Please let us know if you need any further information on WHMCS customization. You can anytime contact us via support ticket or email us :  support [at]