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Virtualizor 1.2 KVM’d and new WHMCS Module
Hi, The Softaculous Virtualizor Team is very excited to announce the launch of Virtualizor 1.2 . This new version supports Linux-KVM as a new virtualization option. Linux-KVM has been preferred by Red Hat over Xen. There are very few VPS panels that support Linux-KVM and we are happy that Virtualizor 1.2 supports Linux-KVM. List of Changes in 1.2 : 1) Linux KVM is now supported in Virtualizor 2) Start, Stop and Restart any VPS from the Admin Panel 3) Recommended values while creating plans and VPS 4) Change Hostname of Physical Server (Node) 5) Bug fix for Admin Login having '\' as a special character 6) Internet JS bug fix while creating VPS More exciting features will be coming in Virtualizor 1.3 Hope you like this version of Virtualizor. Virtualizor now supports OpenVZ, Xen and Linux-KVM Regards, The Virtualizor Team

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