Virtualizor 2.3.8 released !


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 2.3.8
This version has many feature additions and some major bug fixes.

Below is a list of changes:

1) [Feature] – Backup rotation added for SSH Backup.

2) [Feature] – “Virtio” and “NIC type” options added in Plans.

3) [Feature] – Added Reverse DNS in Enduser Panel. Now Endusers can set the Reverse DNS for their domains.

4) [Feature] – Added an option to reset Virtualizor admin API keys.

5) [Feature] – Virtualizor SSH Terminal replaced with a better SSH terminal to avoid Java errors in the previous one.

6) [Feature] – Servers were not editable while editing the IP Pool. This has now been added.

7) [Bug Fix] – Orphaned IPs (i.e. IP with no IP Pools) were displayed while adding or editing the VPS on all servers even if they were not assigned to that server. This is fixed now.

8) [Bug Fix] – In XEN, if the CPU% and CPU Units are set 0, the VPS were not started. This is fixed now.

9) [Bug Fix] – Improved DHCP functionality and added DHCP support for multiple IP Pools.

10) [Bug Fix] – Windows templates were not created if the Host node is CentOS 6. This is fixed now.

11) [Bug Fix] – A suspended VPS used to get unsuspended when the main node was restarted. This is fixed now.

12) [Bug Fix] – While slaving and un-slaving, Backup Servers were duplicated in the database. This is fixed now.

Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, Xen and Linux-KVM on CentOS and Ubuntu and they all can be managed from the Master. We are adding more features and if you have any suggestions, do let us know. We hope you enjoy this version of Virtualizor.

The Virtualizor Team