Virtualizor 2.7.8 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 2.7.8
This version has features and some bug fixes.
The following is a list of changes in this version :

[Task] The Edit VPS wizard will now show the Disk UUID for reference.

[Task] Multiple deletion option of VPS backups is now added in the Admin panel.

[Task] A Database Repair utility has been added. Please refer to the following guide :

[Task] Improved the VPS Manage section in the Enduser panel for mobile view.

[Task] Added support for migrating Raw files based VMs to LVM using the migration wizard.

[Task] Added support to set VPS Backup settings through Admin SDK.

[Task] Added support to Restore and Delete VPS backups using Admin SDK.

[Task] API calls have been added for VPS Backups

[Bug-Fix] In the new Admin panel UI, the checkboxes were not visible in some mobiles. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] When a Recipe was viewed, it was displayed on one line. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] If a VPS backup was deleted and the backup was done over SSH, all VPS backups of that day was deleted. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] While editing an OpenVZ VPS, if the available space was less than the VPS allocated space, an error would be thrown of insufficient space. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] If a slave server was removed and re-added, IPs which clashed on the Slave would be freed up on the master and they would not display for the VPS to which they were assigned. This is now resolved.

[Bug-Fix] Installing Control Panel while VPS creation on a slave server was not working. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] If the admin had added more than 20K IPv6 IPs, the Add VPS / Edit VPS wizard page was dying due to Memory exhaust error. This is fixed now.

[Bug-Fix] While backing up Thin LVM based VPS(s), the path was set wrong. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] Email database backup for large DBs was not working due to memory limit. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] In the new Admin Panel UI, Edit VPS wizard was broken for nodes running CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14. This is fixed.

[Bug-Fix] Setting an email address for DB backup was not working and the emails were being sent to the Admin Email. This is now resolved.

[Bug-Fix] In enduser panel users were not able to stop or restart the services on OpenVZ VPS(s). This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] If a secondary disk of a VPS was more than 1TB and the VPS was edited, the data of the secondary disk was overwritten. This is now fixed.

[Bug-Fix] In IE 8, the enduser panel was giving a JavaScript error. This is fixed.

Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, Xen, XenServer and Linux-KVM on CentOS and Ubuntu and they all can be managed from the Master. We are adding more features and if you have any suggestions, do let us know. We hope you enjoy this version of Virtualizor.

The Virtualizor Team