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Virtualizor 2.8.6 Launched
Hi, The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 2.8.6 This version introduces LXC support, improved migration for KVM, XEN and fixes some bugs. The following are the complete list of changes : 1) [Feature] Added support for LXC on CentOS nodes. Now LXC containers can be created and managed from Virtualizor panel. At this point in time we support only LVM storage for LXC. 2) [Feature] Added Option to Enable/Disable RDP for Windows VPS. 3) [Feature] Added support for multiple VM migration. Now Admin can migrate multiple VMs to a single destination server at once. So if you are shifting a node, you can simply select all VMs on that node and Virtualizor will migrate it for you. 4) [Task] "Add Distro" and "List Distro" options were not present in ACL. Now it is available. 5) [Task] Added "Hostname" column with VPSID on VPS Statistics Page for better identification of resource usage of VMs. 6) [Task] Bandwidth displayed on the ListVS page will be as per service period now i.e. if calculation of bandwidth is as per the VPS creation date, ListVS will show the VPS bandwidth used as per the creation date. Previously it was shown as per the first date of the month even if the setting was enabled. 7) [Task] Hostname will be displayed along with the list of IPs in the Enduser Panel -> RDNS wizard for easy reference of IP Address. This will enable the user to determine the VM of the IP Address. 8) [Task] New Migration method implemented for KVM and XEN. The new migration code was implemented for OpenVZ in the previous version. 9) [Task] PDNS SQL password field is now a "password field" instead of a text field i.e. it will not show the password. 10) [Task] Added support for storing PDNS MySQL password in an encrypted format for better security. 11) [BugFix] rDNS records of VM, were not deleted when VM was deleted. This is fixed now. 12) [BugFix] When a VM with IPV6 Subnet or IPv6 was created from WHMCS, the VM creation failed due to a minor bug in the create VPS wizard. This is fixed now. 13) [BugFix] Migration was failing in case of migration from Slave to Master server. This is fixed. 14) [BugFix] Connection establishment between servers failed while migrating a VPS, if the server was not present in the know_host list. This is fixed. 15) [BugFix] On Xen Nodes, CPU Cores were fetched from /proc/cpuinfo which was not giving the right information about the physical server. Now it will be fetched from xl/xm. This is fixed now. 16) [BugFix] On Xen Nodes, there was a minor mistake in Bandwidth calculation for Windows VPS. This is fixed now. 17) [BugFix] While deleting IP address from Manage IPv6 Subnet in Enduser Panel, the last IP was not getting deleted. This is fixed now. 18) We have improved the client center. Now NOCs can purchase variable VPS license along with unlimited VPS license(s). Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, Xen, XenServer, LXC and Linux-KVM on CentOS and Ubuntu and they all can be managed from the Master. We are adding more features and if you have any suggestions, do let us know. We hope you enjoy this version of Virtualizor. Regards, The Virtualizor Team
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