Virtualizor 2.9.2 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 2.9.2
This version introduces some great features like Domain Forwarding (using HAProxy), Proxmox integration, Speed Capping and some bug fixes.
The following are the complete list of changes :

1) [Feature] We have added Domain Forwarding (using HAProxy) support. Now VMs can be assigned internal IPs and users can add / manage domain forwarding from Virtualizor panel. This will save IPs and costs of getting IPs. Here is the guide for it :

2) [Feature] We have added support for Proxmox 3.x and 4.x Host Nodes. Now users can manage their Proxmox servers using Virtualzior Panel. Here is the guide for how to install Virtualizor on Proxmox server :
Note : We will be launching an importer soon so that users can import existing VMs on Proxmox into Virtualizor.

3) [Feature] Added support for Speed Capping. Now Admin can limit the network speed once the bandwidth is overused for a VM instead of suspending the VPS Network. Admin can define the speed capping, in plans and Advance settings of Add / Edit VPS wizard.
Note : To cap the speed, bandwidth of the VPS must be greater than 0.

4) [Feature] Added OpenVZ Feature support like Fuse, IPIP, IPGRE, NFS, QUOTAUGIDLIMIT, IO Bandwidth Limit, IOPS Limit options for OpenVZ containers in Advance option.

5) [Feature] Added search by Server group option in List VPS wizard.

6) [Feature] Added support to restore the backup of a VPS to new VPS.

7) [Feature] Added Orphan Disk wizard to show the orphan disks on the node. This will show the disks which were not deleted while terminating the VMs. On many nodes while deleting a VPS, if the disk get locked for unknown reasons, they would not get deleted. This wizard will help to get the list of unused disks which occupies the space on the storage. Admin can access this wizard from Admin Panel -> Storages -> Orphaned Disks and delete those VM Disks.

8) [Feature] Added option to add Latitude and Longitude of the server to show server location on MAP in Enduser panel. If not set Virtualizor will detect the same and show the actual location of the server.
Note : We have removed support for Google Maps because of the compulsory API Key and Password required by Google Maps. We have shifted to Open Layers for ease of setting maps in Virtualizor.

9) [Feature] Added Archived Notes wizard. Now Admin can see and manage the notes which were set as “Done”. To access these notes go to Admin Panel -> Logs -> Archived Notes

10) [Feature] Now Disk usage detection and Control panel installation on LXC container(s) will be done without restarting the container.

11) [Feature] Added Master setting to set minimum Password Strength. If set, the user must input new passwords having a strength greater than the defined value.

12) [Feature] Added global setting for disabling Network configuration. If set Virtualizor will not configure any network setting for all VMs.

13) [Feature] The VPS Server Loads has been implemented for LXC, OpenVZ 7 and Proxmox containers.

14) [Task] Revamped OS-Reinstall wizard in Enduser Panel.

15) [Task] Now Virtualizor will use OpenLayer for showing Maps in Endsuer panel.

16) [Task] Added “Do not delete Orphan OS Template(s)” in Slave setting. If checked, then Orphan OS template which are not added to Virtualizor will not be deleted.

17) [Task] For XenServer VMs, Virtualizor will now set the host node on which the VM is created as the home server for the VPS.

18) [Task] Implemented VLan support for Xen and LXC based VMs.

19) [BugFix] Xen PV VMs failed to boot because pygrub used to be off IF the OS template for that VM is deleted. This is fixed. However Virtualizor never did and still does not allow Admins to delete the OS Template if its in use by a VPS.

20) [BugFix] Virtualizor was not able to connect to Backup Servers if special characters were used in the password for backup server. This is fixed.

21) [BugFix] Some graph(s) were not shown in the VPS Statistic wizard when the data was not available for VMs. This is fixed.

22) [BugFix] When a KVM node was rebooted VMs which should be stopped, were getting started. This is fixed.

23) [Bugfix] On many server config file of KVM VMs were getting deleted by to libvirt service, due to that Virtualizor was not able to perform power option for those VMs. This is fixed.

24) [BugFix] Bandwidth statistics was not working on OpenVZ container having guest OS as CentOS 7+ and Ubentu 14.04+. This is fixed.

25) [BugFix] If a OpenVZ container is in a locked state, Virtualizor was unable to destroy the container. This is fixed.

26) [BugFix] While adding a Slave Node, if the number of IPs were very high, the slave addition process could fail. This is fixed.

27) [BugFix] In the Enduser Panel, the Kill service wizard did not work for CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 Containers (LXC and OpenVZ). This is fixed.

28) [BugFix] If a VM had secondary disks, Virtualizor used to create SWAP partitions on the additional disks as well. This is fixed.

================== Patch 1 ==================

29) [BugFix] When a VPS was created on a slave server that had special character(s) in the root password, the password was not set correctly. This is fixed.

30) [BugFix] VPS Restore wizard was dying if the backup path was set as “/”, this bug was introduced in This is fixed now.

31) [BugFix] When any special character was added to the Subject in the “Mail to User” wizard in Admin panel, it was getting converted to HTML entities. This is fixed.

32) [BugFix] Restore to new VPS feature was giving an error if the Swap RAM was set as 0 in the VPS whose backup is being restored. This is fixed.

33) [BugFix] Multi Select option to delete entries on Domain Forwarding wizard was not working. This is fixed.

34) [Task] Multiple OpenVZ options (Fuse, NFS etc..) which were added in, they were not added in Admin panel VPS Manage wizard. This is added now.

35) [Task] Multiple OpenVZ options (Fuse, NFS etc..) which were added in, they were not added to the Enduser Panel. This is added now.

36) [Task] Updated the SolsuVM WHMCS converter to support Virtualizor WHMCS V2 module.

================== Patch 2 ==================

37) [Feature] Added Russian language support.

38) [Bugfix] Users were able to steal the IPs using ARP request. This is fixed. NOTE: This will need the VM(s) to be stopped and start to fix it.

39) [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7 while accessing VNC for container it was asking for password. This is fixed.

40) [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7 network connection was lost when network speed was set as 0. This is fixed.

41) [Bugfix] On openVZ 7 while removing IPv6 subnet from manage vps wizard, it was giving error. This is fixed.

================== Patch 3 ==================

42) [Bugfix] From Enduser Panel normal user was able to add another normal user by changing the URL as “act=adduser”. This is fixed.

43) [Bugfix] If the VMs are provided with multiple IPs, only Primary IP was working due to a wrong rule added in ebtables. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

================== Patch 4 ==================

44) [BugFix] While deleting VPS, a blank task of haproxy was getting created even though haproxy was disabled. This is fixed.

45) [BugFix] ISO was not getting dettached after removing ISO from Virtualizor panel for OpenVZ 7 KVM VMs. This is fixed.

46) [BugFix] While creating VMs from WHMCS, Speed Cap settings were not getting applied to VMs even though it was set in plan. This is fixed.

47) [BugFix] NIC types list was not getting listed while adding / editing plans. This is fixed.

================== Patch 5 ==================

48) [Task] Now RAM usage will be shown for Virtuozzo OpenVZ and KVM VMs on List VPS wizard.

49) [BugFix] On Virtuozzo KVM once the ISO is detached it was not able to attach again. This is fixed.

50) [BugFix] On OpenVZ container if cloud linux was installed and VM was edited, it was resulted in kernel panic. This is fixed.

51) [BugFix] In WHMCS module V2, VPS domain forwarding entries were not able to edit / delete. This is fixed.
New WHMCS module update. Here is the link for it :

52) [BugFix] IPv6 were not working when IPs were created from subnet. Previously it was working when routed option is enabled, now it is not required. This is fixed.

================== Patch 6 ==================

53) [Feature] Added option on List VPS wizard to rewrite the ebtables rules and TC rules for VMs. Previously the VPS needed to be stopped and started to apply the ebtables and TC rules. Now they can be applied even when the VPS is running.

54) [Task] Internal IPs were not getting imported from SolusVM while importing IP Pools. Now it will be imported.

55) [Task] Same range for Internal IP was not allowed to be added on Virtualizor on a per node basis. But now Admin can add same range of Internal IPs for each Node. Duplicate range on same node / group of servers is still restricted.

54) [Bugfix] On OpenVZ container if Cloud Linux was installed and container was stopped and started, it resulted in a kernel panic. This is fixed.

55) [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7 if routing options were enabled for an IP Pool, VMs were not able to start. This is fixed.

56) [Bugfix] On CentOS 5 host, Virtualizor was not able to create VMs due to unsupported option “-s” for kaprtx. This is fixed.

57) [Bugfix] On Ubuntu 16.04 Virtualizor was not able to change the password for Windows VMs due to updated “chpntw” utility, which requires different parameter. This is fixed.

58) [Bugfix] HAProxy rules were not working if the node was rebooted. This is fixed.

Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, OpenVZ 7, Xen, XenServer, LXC and Linux-KVM on CentOS and Ubuntu and they all can be managed from the Master. We are adding more features and if you have any suggestions, do let us know. We hope you enjoy this version of Virtualizor.

The Virtualizor Team