Virtualizor 3.0.3 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.3
In this version we have introduced some bug fixes and improvements. Here is the complete change list:

1. We have introduced new theme in this version and here is the glimpse of new Enduser theme :

Enduser Panel Dashboard

VM Graphs

List VM Wizard

Cloud Billing wizard

VM Settings Management

Tasks / Logs / Status Logs

Install OS / Control Panels / Receipes

Launch Instance Wizard (for Cloud Billing Users)

Launch Instance Wizard (For Resellers)

2. [Feature] Added Ceph support for Proxmox + Virtualizor. Now you can create / manage VM(s) using ceph storage on Proxmox.

3. [Feature] Added Restore to New Server option while restoring the Backup of the VM.
Click here for more information.

4. [Feature] Added support to handle additional custom configuration file for nginx. Click Here for more information.

5. [Feature] Added setting to disable DB backups on Slave servers. Now admin can disable the backup of Slave servers DB.
You can enable this setting from : Admin panel -> Configuration -> Slave Settings -> Under Database Settings section -> Disable database backup on slave servers

6. [Feature] Added link to the IPPool, if any IP is searched from Universal Search.

7. [Feature] Added support to specify Read/Write IOPS while creating Qemu VM(s) on Proxmox Virtualizor.

8. [Feature] Added Migration support for OpenVZ 7 VM(s) and CT(s).

9. [Feature] Added option in Advance section for Cloud users while creating / editing instances like Disable ebtable (Admin needs to enabling this option in master settings), CPU Mode and Enable RDP.

10. [Feature] Added setting in Admin Panel -> Master settings -> Under Cloud user setting section -> Allow disable ebtables. If enabled then cloud user will be able to disable ebtables while creating VMs.

11. [Feature] Added support for SCSI virtio which will enable Discard feature for thin provisioned storage. If enabled then fstrim will be used inside the VM, which will free up the space on the node. (Only available for KVM and only works for Thin provisioned storage)

12. [Feature] Added Setting to disable virt-sparsify, if enabled then Virtualizor will try to use this utility to freeup the space from Node. This will be done only when the VM will be stopped and started as this utility requires the VM to be sopped while using it on a VM disk.

13. [Feature] Added setting to limit the total IPs (IPv4, IPv6, IPv6 subnet, Internal IPs) while VM creation. Now Admin can limit the total number of IPs assigned to the VMs, this setting will restrict the VM creation from admin panel as well as cloud panel. E.g. if admin has set the value to 2 for all IPs, then admin / cloud user will not be able to assign more than 2 IPs to each VM. You can find this setting at Admin panel -> Configuration -> Master Setting -> Under IP settings section
You can find the documentation here
NOTE: If the setting is enabled and VPS Plan has more IPs then those Plans will not be shown to Cloud user as it is not valid as per the setting saved.

14. [Feature] Added setting for cloud user to enter their own domain name. This setting will enable registration with same user email under different cloud user. Click here for more information.

15. [Feature] Added Setting to calculate Bandwidth for Upload only, Download only or Both (Default). You can set it from Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Slave Settings -> Under Bandwidth Setting
Click Here for more information.

16. [Feature] Added setting to set the server location as Country name, State Name and City Name. Click Here for more information.
NOTE: Removed old setting which was using latitude and longitude for server location.

17. [Task] Now when control panel installation will be made, Virrtualizor will send an email with control panel login URL.

18. [Bugfix] On cloud user registration wizard, cloud user was not assigned with DNS plan even though the DNS plan is set in user plan. This is fixed.

19. [Bugfix] Webuzo premium applications were not displayed to the endusers if it were enabled from Webuzo setting. This is fixed.

20. [Bugfix] Visiting the Multi-virtualization page resulted to blank page. This is fixed.

21. [Bugfix] In enduser panel edit user wizard was throwing error when click on save button without making any changes. This is fixed.

22. [Bugfix] Syncing from Master to Slave was failing for large data (Like large number of IP(s) in IP Pool), this was causing a silent death of the script without any error during VM create / edit operation. This is fixed.

23. [Bugfix] While restoring the backup of Xen PV VM, Virtualizor was detecting the swap as data disk. This is fixed.

24. [Bugfix] RDNS request was not serviced if SOA records were not present for zone. This was happening because there was an option to delete the SOA records. Option to delete SOA record is now removed from Virtualizor version This is fixed.

25. [Bugfix] When VM(s) were migrated to the destination server, at that time VNC password was not copied to the migrated VM and hence after starting the VM users were not bale to access VNC using the VNC details. This is fixed.

26. [Bugfix] If migration was failed due to any error, Virtualizor was not deleting the newly created entry of the VM and its disks. Now the entries will be removed and disks will be removed as well on failure of the migration task.

27. [Bugfix] While importing from the SolusVM, VM(s) were getting suspended due to the bandwidth overusage. This is fixed.

28. [Bugfix] Restore to new VPS was not working for Proxmox Qemu VM backups. This was happening for the backups which were taken before Virtualizor had support for bus drivers. Now restore to new VPS will consider sata driver if not found during restore process.

29. [Bugfix] On Task page Admins were not able to search Running Tasks. This is fixed.

30. [Bugfix] OStemplates were not getting downloaded from API calls made using SDK. This is fixed.

31. [Bugfix] While migrating VM, its primary IP was getting changed, which was causing an issue on some VPS which had control panel (eg cPanel and other control panels) installed. This is fixed.

32. [Bugfix] If only Internal IPs were assigned to VPS its gateway was not set. This is fixed.

33. [Bugfix] If VPS(s) was created with public and private IP, if public IP was removed from that VPS, at that time Virtualizor was not removing its eth0 config file from the VPS and hence that IP was still shown as assigned within that VPS. This is fixed.

34. [Bugfix] If compression was enabled in backup plans, Virtualizor was not compressing backups of file based VPS. This is fixed.

35. [Bugfix] From Launch Instance wizard in cloud panel, if negative values were passed for some fields Virtualizor did not handled them correctly. This is fixed.

36. [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7 nodes, Virtualizor was not able to create CT if its disk’s name was not hdd0. This is fixed.

37. [Bugfix] Recipes were not getting executed while rebuilding the CT on OpenVZ 7 nodes. This is fixed.

================ Patch 1 ================

38. [Bugfix] Add RDNS record was failing with HTTP error 500. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

39. [Bugfix] If Delete VM Backup setting was enabled (This setting was introduced in then Virtualizor was only deleting the latest backup and not all previous backup(s) of the VM. This is fixed.

40. [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7 server from Enduser panel secondary ISO was not getting saved. This is fixed.

41. [Bugfix] While editing the VM from enduser panel and setting the internal IP to 0 was not getting saved. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

42. [Bugfix] OS templates were not listed in Enduser panel Launch Instance page if user had no media group assigned. This is fixed.

================ Patch 2 ================

43. [Feature] Added Master setting as “Disable 2TB check for VPS” this will allow users to create VM above 2TB primary disks.

44. [Feature] Added setting to specify mobile logo for enduser panel.
Here you can find how to it :

45. [Task] Improved SSH based backup. On some server it was downloading the backups at very slow speed.

46. [Task] Now vpsid can be searched in universal search as well.

47. [Task] If IP address has MAC address assigned to it then it will be give first priority over VM MAC address.

48. [Task] Restricted virt-sparsify utility to qcow2 storage VMs only. It was giving issue on other thin storages. Now virt-sparsify will be used for QCOW2 storages only.

49. [Task] Now for Cloud users email will be displayed next to users who are under them in users list to avoid confusion when same email are available under different cloud users.

50. [Bugfix] While restoring the backup on Thin provisioned storage, after restore, data under “lvs” command was shown as utilized 100%. This is fixed. Now the actual usage will be restored.

51. [Bugfix] For openVZ CT, new upload / download speed was not getting applied on edit. This is fixed.
Note: To fix this issue for existing OpenVZ CT, you will need to run “Update Network Rules” by selecting those VPS in List VS page on Admin panel or Edit those VPS once without any changes. There is no need to Power OFF the CT while doing this.

52. [Bugfix] On KVM nodes running on Ubuntu based OS, Backup creation was failing for running VM(s) which were created using file based storage. This was observed on Ubuntu 18.04. This is now fixed.

53. [Bugfix] From WHMCS, additional resources changes for VPS with same plan was not handled for “space” correctly in Virtualizor. This is now fixed.

54. [Bugfix] VPS IPs were removed from WHMCS after VPS migration to other server. This is now fixed.

55. [Bugfix] VPS backup restore was not working correctly for file based VPS. This bug was introduced in This is now fixed.

56. [Bugfix] VPS creation process did not start if VPS was allocated more than 1000 IPs. This is now fixed.
NOTE: For this Admin will need to restart the virtualizor service.

57. [Bugfix] Virtual NIC name for “VMware vmxnet3” was shown as null for Proxmox Qemu VPS on Enduser panel > Dashboard > Settings > Settings page. This is now fixed.

58. [Bugfix] Minor UI changes fixed.

================ Patch 3 ================

59. [BugFix] On enduser panel, changing hostname of one VPS changed it for other VPS. This is now fixed.

================ Patch 4 ================

60. [Bugfix] For LXC containers, from enduser panel if “sel_proc” was sent as 0, at that time virtualizor was giving 50x error. This is fixed.

61. [Bugfix] Boot order from Enduser panel was not working. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

62. [Bugfix] On some server for SSH Backups were failing while calculating the MD5 sum of the backup. This is fixed.

63. UI minor fixes.

64. [Task] Improved Backup process while dd to the file, it will be faster now.

================ Patch 5 ================

65. [Feature] Added support for Serial Console for OpenVZ 7 containers.

66. [Feature] Added mobile logo option in Admin panel -> Configuration -> Master Settings -> Mobile Logo URL

67. [Bugfix] In enduser panel while seeing the Status Logs, Virtualizor was showing the failed status as green. This is fixed.

68. [Bugfix] In enduser panel search option Server Group was not working in List VS wizard. This is fixed.

69. [Task] For KVM VM(s) RAM usage was showing 0(zero) so from now on RAM statistics will not be shown in enduser panel.

70. [Task] Removed unwanted data passed in API call made from enduser panel.

71. [Task] Minor UI fixes.

================ Patch 6 ================

72. [Bugfix] On KVM, for file RAW based VPS disks, restore from backup failed. This is fixed.

================ Patch 7 ================

73. [Bugfix] Security Update while adding SSH keys on OpenVZ container(s) Only.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team.