Virtualizor 3.0.4 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.4
In this version we have introduced new Admin Panel UI and some bug fixes and improvements. Here is the complete change list:

1. [Feature] Updated Virtualizor Admin theme. Glimpse of the new Admin panel is as follows :

Virtualizor Dashboard
Virtual Servers
Add Virtual Server
Add Plan
Manage VPS
Rebuild Virtual Server
Migrate Virtual Server

2. [Feature] Added Filters support for Virtualizor, which will allow admin to control certain aspects of Virtualizor through scripts. Click Here to check out the guide for filters.

3. [Task] Added global master setting to enable or disable ebtables rules for all VPS.

4. [Task] Virtualizor will now display STDERR content as well under show logs for any commands executed while performing task operations.

5. [Task] Added support for IPv6 IP and subnets for ebtables rules to avoid IP stealing.

6. [Task] Added master setting to show only power options in Enduser panel. NOTE: if Managed by Admin is checked for VPS, then only this setting will be applied.

7. [Task] Added master setting to disable Domain Forwarding tab in Enduser panel.

8. [Task] Added master setting to show VPS uptime in Enduser panel.

9. [Task] NoVNC will also show local cursor pointer along with server side cursor pointer.

10. [Bugfix] From enduser panel, user login failed if password contained certain special characters, this is now fixed.

11. [Bugfix] Backup of offline VPS using raw file based storage was not compressed, this is now fixed.

12. [Bugfix] Virtualizor was sending email notification for “none” as control panel installation in VPS, this is now fixed.

13. [Bugfix] OS reinstall tab in Enduser panel, OS template select box was not working correctly, this is now fixed.

14. [BugFix] Proxmox Qemu VPS VNC not get enabled on VPS startup if Proxmox had high availability enabled, this is now fixed.

15. [Bugfix] Search option in Admin Panel -> User Plan list was not working correctly, this is now fixed.

16. [Bugfix] quotaugidlimit was not getting applied for OpenVZ 7 containers, this is now fixed.

17. [Bugfix] Recipe not executed while creating OpenVZ 7 KVM VPS with debian based OS, this is now fixed

18. [Bugfix] OpenVZ 7 container VPS creation failed if template OS is Scientific Linux and its package_manager file is empty, this is now fixed.

================ Patch 1 ================

19. [BugFix] Minor UI changes.

================ Patch 2 ================

20. [Bugfix] Network rules were not getting set properly. This issue was introduced in 3.0.4. This is fixed.

================ Patch 3 ================

21. [Task] Minor Admin UI improvements.

22. [BugFix] VPS backup creation worked from Enduser panel even if that backup plan was disabled. This is now fixed.

23. [Bugfix] On Tasks page, ajax call did not handled search dropdown field values, this is now fixed.

24. [Bugfix] For latest Proxmox 6 versions, utilities for managing DHCP and Windows VPS were not getting installed, This is now fixed.

25. [Bugfix] On latest update of OpenVZ 7, container VPS creation failed if python3 utility was missing. This is now fixed.

26. [Bugfix] Virtualizor Admin panel LetsEncrypt certificate installed before were not detected, this is now fixed.

================ Patch 4 ================

27. [Task] Added search by server parameter for IP Pool function in Admin SDK. Click Here for more information.

28. [Task] Now on VPS deletion, if it had active Webuzo license, that license will get cancelled.

29. [Task] Invalid license warning on License page made more descriptive.

30. [Task] Minor UI improvements.

31. [Bugfix] Added missing Russian language files for invoices, transactions and user plans pages.

32. [Bugfix] Tasks logs were not handled correctly for task related to Webuzo installation in VPS, this is now fixed.

33. [Bugfix] Users plans search by plan type was not correct it searched by virt, this is now fixed.

34. [Bugfix] On ManageVPS page, VPS network interface type was not getting selected as per plan, this is now fixed.

35. [Bugfix] Search by ‘fees’ field was not working in Transactions page of Admin panel, this is now fixed.

36. [Bugfix] Webuzo installation was failing for VM made with plan and by admin/root user. This is fixed.

================ Patch 5 ================

37. [Task] For KVM VPS, network interface MTU value will be set in libvirt KVM config file.

38. [Task] On FTP backup server if uploaded file size reflected after a delay backup file integrity check failed, now Virtualizor will wait for 10 secs before attempting size check.

39. [Task] Missing “Home” link on Admin panel, this is now added.

40. [Task] Minor UI improvements.

41. [Bugfix] In 3.0.4 (Patch 4), Non HVM VPS password was not set at time of VPS creation, this is now fixed.

42. [Bugfix] On Proxmox, OS reinstall failed for disks on Ceph based storage due to error while deleting VPS disk, this is now fixed.

43. [Bugfix] If node did not had IPv6 IPs and VPS Plan had its count mentioned, then javascript on AddVS page broke, this is now fixed.

44. [Bugfix] Admin Dashboard IPv4 free IP count was not shown correctly, this is now fixed.

45. [Bugfix] On OS Templates page, server selection box height was very small on Sync OS modal, this is now fixed.

46. [Bugfix] Master setting’s “Allowed IP list to Access Panel” option was not getting saved due to incorrect input field type, this is now fixed.

================ Patch 6 ================

47. [Task] Removed loading image with a text shown while loading any page on Admin panel.

48. [Task] Now Task logs will also show currently running command for a task.

49. [Task] Now on deleting KVM VPS, Virtualizor will also explicitly undefine its configuration.

50. [Task] On Enduser panel, VPS Management page will also display server’s name where VPS is present if master setting for “Show server/location” is enabled.

51. [Task] Minor UI improvements.

52. [Bugfix] OS template of size above 18 GB would not download completely on slave node from master node, this issue got introduced in 3.0.4, this is now fixed.

53. [Bugfix] SSH Keys and Tasks page were locked till VPS creation task complete if VPS was created from Enduser panel, this is now fixed.

54. [Bugfix] Loading image would not hide on Admin panel Add Virtual Server page if we change plan and again change it back to none, this is now fixed.

55. [Bugfix] LXC VPS creation task would not complete if VPS failed to start after creation, this is now fixed.

56. [Bugfix] On Admin panel Rebuild VPS page, on completion of rebuild, IPv6 subnet was not shown under VPS details, this is now fixed.

57. [Bugfix] On Admin panel Tasks page, search by any field by default selected Master server (serid = 0) even if it was set to “—“, this is now fixed.

58. [Bugfix] On Admin panel Restore VPS page, backups of VPS which contained “inf” in their hostname where not displayed, this is now fixed.

59. [Bugfix] On Admin panel Restore VPS page, selecting any checkbox of backup list always selected first checkbox, this is now fixed.

60. [Bugfix] On restoring VPS backup to new VPS, VPS booted into ISO if backup configuration had primary ISO set, now it will boot according to boot order set in backup configuration file.

================ Patch 7 ================

61. [Task] Now Virtualizor will handle the session for the servers on which cloudflare is enabled for enduser panel listened on port 80.

62. [Task] Minor UI improvements.

63. [Bugfix] If Admin panel is logged in as Admin user, phpMyAdmin page failed to open with error, this is now fixed.

64. [Bugfix] VPS Info box on List VS page was not shown correctly (this was noticed in, this is now fixed.

65. [Bugfix] On Admin panel Manage VPS page, slave node offline warning message displayed masters IP and name, this is now fixed.

66. [Bugfix] DNS records add / edit from Admin panel was setting domain_id of records to 0, this is now fixed.

67. [Bugfix] RDNS record addition failed from Admin panel, if there was no RDNS zone present, this is fixed now.

68. [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7, container creation failed due to template conversion script syntax error, this is now fixed.

69. [Bugfix] Full domain was not saved from Enduser panel -> Mange Zones -> Add DNS record. This is fixed.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team.