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Virtualizor 3.0.6 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.6
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements. Here is the complete change list:

1. [Feature] Added live migration support for KVM VM(s).

2. [Feature] Added offline cross virtualization migration support for VM(s) between KVM and XEN HVM nodes.

3. [Feature] Added backup support for VM(s) on CEPH based storage.

4. [SecurityFix] Server Keys were also sent in API call response for List VS page on Enduser panel. This is now fixed.

5. [Task] Added GPT partition support for VM(s) so that VM(s) can have partition size greater than 2TB. NOTE: It will require template with GPT partition. Click here to know how to convert MBR partition within VPS OS disk to GPT.

6. [Task] Added multiple recipes execution support within VM.

7. [Task] Rescue Disk will be created of 2GB. (Since 3.0.6)

8. [Task] Added TUN TAP support for LXC Containers.

9. [Task] Added virt-sparsify support for OpenVZ 7 KVM VM disks.

10. [Task] Now MAC address of source VM(s) will be changed after migration.

11. [Task] Now destination VM will be suspended after migration, if source VM was in suspended state before migration.

12. [Task] Resource pricing now support values upto 3 digits after decimal point.

13. [Task] Added Filter/Hook call before writing VM configuration file for KVM.

14. [Task] Added "OS Type" and "RTC" option for Proxmox KVM VM(s).

15. [Task] Now Admin can download VM / CT backup info file (i.e. ".inf" file) from Manage VPS page of Admin panel, this will allow Admin to use their own backup tool and place this inf file there. Virtualizor will then read this file to process restore to new VPS operation.

16. [Task] Updated NoVNC to latest version.

17. [Task] Added support for handling sub-delegated Reverse DNS zones. Click here for more information.

18. [BugFix] Proxmox VPS backup restore failed due to some changes made by Promox to vzdump utility, Virtualizor now handles it correctly.

19. [BugFix] PTR records did not resolved when they were added through Enduser panel and RDNS zones were added automatically. This is now fixed.

20. [BugFix] VPS root user password was not set if it was commented in passwd file within VPS. This is now fixed.

21. [BugFix] While deleting User(s) from Admin panel if PDNS server was offline and user had DNS plan assigned, at that time Virtualizor failed with fatal error. This is now fixed.

22. [BugFix] Network interface type was not shown for Proxmox KVM VM(s) under Launch Instance and Edit VPS wizard in Cloud Account. This is now fixed.

23. [BugFix] Backup of VM(s) was failing on CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20 for qcow2 based storage. This is now fixed.

24. [BugFix] Swap value was not saved for OpenVZ 7 container plans. This is now fixed.

25. [BugFix] orphaneddisks() call in Virtualizor SDK was not working as expected. This is now fixed.

26. [BugFix] Allocated space for OpenVZ 7 container was counted incorrectly and due to that Server selection alogorith was not working while creating CT from WHMCS. This is now fixed.

27. [BugFix] If VPS and USERS table had large number of rows in Virtualizor database, MySQL was taking more time. This is now fixed.

28. [BugFix] On VPS restore page, javascript failed while listing VPS backup directories for file based VPS backups. This is now fixed.

============== Patch 1 ==============

29. [Features] Added netfilter support for VZO containers.

30. [Task] AlmaLinux guest Operating System support added.

31. [Bugfix] Rescue mode was not enabling if the primary disk was on file based storage. This is fixed.

32. [Bugfix] If server group was set as Default in WHMCS, server selection for Default group was not working fine in Virtualizor. This is fixed.

33. [Bugfix] From enduser panel if the primary IP of a Windows machine was changed, at that time DHCP was not reconfigured.

34. [Bugfix] VM unsuspension issue fixed for the month of 31 Days.

35. [Bugfix] KVM Live migration was failing if the VM storage was on Thin LVM. This is fixed.

36. [Bugfix] KVM live migration failed if VM CPU mode was set to host-model. This is fixed.

37. [Bugfix] Template creation was failing if the VM disk was file based raw format storage. This is fixed.

============== Patch 2 ==============

38. [Feature] Added new filter 'server_selection' which allows Admin to filter out servers from list of eligible servers for VPS creation when creation order is sent from external billing panel with option to auto select server. Click here to know more about filters.

39. [Task] Added Almalinux OS template in Template browser list.

40. [Task] Made control panel installation email template editable.

41. [Task] Added option to disable ebtables rules for internal IPs of a VPS (Only for KVM virtualization).

42. [BugFix] PTR record of an IP failed to resolve if PowerDNS server was on version 4.4.1. This is fixed.

43. [BugFix] VM imported from Openvz 7 node was not saved with correct virtualization type. This is fixed.

44. [BugFix] Virtualizor did not formatted filesystem correctly for VPS created from a Windows GPT partition based OS template. This is fixed.

45. [BugFix] VPS migration speed was slow down due to a bug in 3.0.6 patch 1. This is fixed.

46. [BugFix] On some Openvz 7 VM, available ram was not detected properly on panel. This is fixed.

47. [BugFix] Node CPU usage increased when VPS management page was accessed for OpenVZ 7 VM on enduser panel. This is fixed.

48. [BugFix] VPS creation failed randomly if VPS disk was on a raw file based storage. This is fixed.

============== Patch 3 ==============

49. [Feature] Added master settings as Disable Logs and Disable Change of Primary IP of VPS under enduser settings.

50. [Task] Added separate bandwidth calculation cron (5 Min) to avoid issue of VM(s) not being suspended due to over usage of bandwidth.

51. [Task] Added support for virtio/scsi/ide disk driver for Openvz7/virtuozzo KVM.

52. [Task] Now unsuspend time will be shown on enduser panel if the vps network was suspended due to bandwidth overusage.

53. [Task] Added default timeout in cron/cronh to avoid issue of stuck process.

54. [Task] If backup was started from cron or edit backup plan page then the mails for all VPS(s) will be merged and send at the end in single mail.

55. [Task] Added timestamp in backup file name to support hourly backups.

56. [Task] Improved the mount functionality for Openvz7/Virtuozzo KVM.

57. [Task] Added vlan bridge support in Openvz7/Virtuozzo KVM

58. [BugFix] If Site Domain had special characters then while sending mails the characters were converted to its respective html entity. This is fixed.

59. [BugFix] Backup plan settings (Process Priority, Process I/O Priority, Process I/O Class) were not getting applied while restoring. This is fixed.

60. [BugFix] Rescue was not working for Ceph/ZFS thin/block storage for Proxmox KVM/LXC. This is fixed.

61. [BugFix] While importing VPS(s) from Virtuozzo/Openvz7, the primary IP was not getting set. It was causing issue for Webuzo application in enduser panel. This is fixed.

62. [BugFix] If VPS was created with ISO and secondary ISO and after installation removing primary ISO was not changing the boot order to HDD due to assigned secondary ISO. This is fixed.

63. [BugFix] If there were two internal ip pool with same range and VM was getting created on other server at that time it was giving error as IP is in use, though for the second server its was free. This is fixed.

64. [BugFix] On Admin Panel -> Manage VPS wizard after changing plan, all media groups were assigned to VM. This is fixed.

65. [BugFix] In Backup Plan -> Advance Settings, if Backup Server was selected as LOCAL then backup was not getting deleted. This is fixed.

66. [BugFix] Solusvm imported VMs of KVM type were failing for live migration. This is fixed.

67. [BugFix] On Proxmox server log file were not removed from LOCAL backup directory. This is fixed.

68. [BugFix] Size was not defined for rootfs of Proxmox lxc containers. This is fixed.

69. [BugFix] On proxmox .inf file was not getting deleted on manual backup delete. This is fixed.

70. [BugFix] In admin SDK if servers_search was not sent in post for ips/ippool then only master server details were returned in response. This is fixed.

Following are the docs which were updated for this version:

71. [BugFix] While enabling rescue mode if master DB was not synced with slave DB then rescue OS was copied on primary disk. This is fixed.

============== Patch 4 ==============

72. [BugFix] From Admin panel -ManageVPS wizard, HA was not getting enabled/disabled. This is fixed.

73. [BugFix] Even if Pacemaker moves the VM(s) to different server Virtualizor was not able to detect the new location of the VM. This is fixed.

============== Patch 5 ==============

74. [Task] Minor changes made to improve Virtualizor tasks logging.

75. [Task] noVNC viewer on Virtualizor only displayed remote mouse pointer, enabled local mouse pointer as well for better navigation.

76. [Task] Optimized VPS bandwidth usage calculation.

77. [BugFix] OpenVZ VPS backup creation for local backup location, this is fixed.

78. [BugFix] VPS disk's partition type was not set correctly for VPS created from a custom OS template that had multiple partitions if swap value was specified, this is fixed.

79. [BugFix] Restarting VPS from panel did not restarted Proxmox LXC VPS, this is fixed.

80. [BugFix] LVM storage VPS disk creation did not worked correctly through Virtualizor on nodes running on CentOS 8, this is fixed.

============== Patch 6 ==============

81. [Task] Updated LetsEncrypt to version 3.0.0

82. [BugFix] If Virtualizor was not able to create temporary storage then too it was trying to take backup/restore. This is fixed.

============== Patch 7 ==============

83. [Bugfix] Server selection algorithm was not working if the preference was saved from Master setting. This is fixed.

84. [BugFix] Backup rotation was not working properly for multi-disk VMs. This is fixed.

============== Patch 8 ==============

83. [Bugfix] On PHP 7 Proxmox internal API calls were failing. This is fixed. This changes are pushed to support our incoming update for new version of EMPS (i.e. 4.1).

84. [Task] Nginx configuration made compatible to avoid deprecated warning.

============== Patch 9 ==============

85. [Bugfix] Wrong file permissions were given after version for new installations only. This is fixed.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team.

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