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Virtualizor 3.0.9 Launched (Stable)


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.9
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements.

Here is the complete change list :

1. [Feature] Added guest agent support for KVM. Now if guest agent is installed inside the VM then password will be changed on a running VM. Also RAM calculation will be fetched from running VM

2. [Feature] Now added a functionality to paste a complex password or any text while using NoVNC

3. [Feature] Added additional cpu model list as per virsh version available for KVM

4. [Feature] Added "Default Enduser timezone" master setting. Now admin can set default timezome for KVM VM(s), if enduser set the timezone from enduser panel then it will override the admin timezone

5. [Feature] Added discard option for proxmox KVM

6. [Feature] Now admin can edit/disable each and every template from admin panel

7. [Task] Added ostype and RTC support in enduser panel for proxmox kvm

8. [Task] In admin panel confirmation message added while deleting logs

9. [Task] Added support for letsencrypt and zerossl. Admin can choose the provide while installing SSL certificate.

10. [Task] Added sorting for OS Templates name wise

11. [Task] Added opcache in php.ini

12. [Task] Added sort by server on list VM page in admin panel

13. [Task] Migrate master script improved. Now if VM(s) are present on master then also it will work

14. [Task] Added "zfs_volblocksize" hidden setting. With this setting admin can provide volblocksize while creating vm. NOTE: Previously created VM will not be able to resize if volblocksize is changed. It will not work for proxmox at the moment.

15. [Task] ebtables-save was logging too much logs so now we will not log the output of ebtables-save

16. [Task] Now KVM VM(s) will be locked only if any one disk is of file based

17. [BugFix] While upgrading plan from WHMCS if user has set the config option ('space', 'ram', 'bandwidth', 'cores', 'num_ips', 'num_ips_int', 'num_ips6', 'num_ips6_subnet') then it was not getting applied after ugrading the plan. This is fixed.

18. [BugFix] On xcp 8.2 pv vnc was not working. This is fixed.

19. [BugFix] On rebuild VM, enduser was getting emails even if the client emails setting was turned off. This is fixed.

20. [BugFix] The harddisk was shown as unused when created a vm with IDE bus driver on proxmox. This is fixed.

21. [BugFix] Sometime on admin dashboard RAM and DISK was shown as NaN. This is fixed.

22. [BugFix] If server was locked then it was automatically getting unlocked after some time. This is fixed.

23. [BugFix] While doing multiple live migration if some VM(s) were offline then it was failing to do the live migration. Now Virtualizor will do live migration for online machines and offline migrations for offline machines.

24. [BugFix] While doing multiple live migration on KVM, if panel was having mutiple storage and a vm storage was not a primary, then migration was failing. This is fixed.

25. [BugFix] LOGO URL was shown to login page on enduser instead of login url. This is fixed.

26. [BugFix] In new LXC mac address was not getting added in ebtables rule. This is fixed.

27. [BugFix] Admin user was not able to sync an ISO as sync iso option was not present in ACL wizard. This is fixed.

============ Patch 1 ============

28. [BugFix] VM settings from data column were not getting restored while restoring the using Restore to New VM wizard. This is fixed.

29. [BugFix] Guest agent was not getting installed while creating VM(s). This is fixed.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team

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