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Virtualizor 3.0.9 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.9
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements.

Here is the complete change list :

1. [Feature] Added guest agent support for KVM. Now if guest agent is installed inside the VM then password will be changed on a running VM. Also RAM calculation will be fetched from running VM

2. [Feature] Now added a functionality to paste a complex password or any text while using NoVNC

3. [Feature] Added additional cpu model list as per virsh version available for KVM

4. [Feature] Added "Default Enduser timezone" master setting. Now admin can set default timezome for KVM VM(s), if enduser set the timezone from enduser panel then it will override the admin timezone

5. [Feature] Added discard option for proxmox KVM

6. [Feature] Now admin can edit/disable each and every template from admin panel

7. [Task] Added ostype and RTC support in enduser panel for proxmox kvm

8. [Task] In admin panel confirmation message added while deleting logs

9. [Task] Added support for letsencrypt and zerossl. Admin can choose the provide while installing SSL certificate.

10. [Task] Added sorting for OS Templates name wise

11. [Task] Added opcache in php.ini

12. [Task] Added sort by server on list VM page in admin panel

13. [Task] Migrate master script improved. Now if VM(s) are present on master then also it will work

14. [Task] Added "zfs_volblocksize" hidden setting. With this setting admin can provide volblocksize while creating vm. NOTE: Previously created VM will not be able to resize if volblocksize is changed. It will not work for proxmox at the moment.

15. [Task] ebtables-save was logging too much logs so now we will not log the output of ebtables-save

16. [Task] Now KVM VM(s) will be locked only if any one disk is of file based

17. [BugFix] While upgrading plan from WHMCS if user has set the config option ('space', 'ram', 'bandwidth', 'cores', 'num_ips', 'num_ips_int', 'num_ips6', 'num_ips6_subnet') then it was not getting applied after ugrading the plan. This is fixed.

18. [BugFix] On xcp 8.2 pv vnc was not working. This is fixed.

19. [BugFix] On rebuild VM, enduser was getting emails even if the client emails setting was turned off. This is fixed.

20. [BugFix] The harddisk was shown as unused when created a vm with IDE bus driver on proxmox. This is fixed.

21. [BugFix] Sometime on admin dashboard RAM and DISK was shown as NaN. This is fixed.

22. [BugFix] If server was locked then it was automatically getting unlocked after some time. This is fixed.

23. [BugFix] While doing multiple live migration if some VM(s) were offline then it was failing to do the live migration. Now Virtualizor will do live migration for online machines and offline migrations for offline machines.

24. [BugFix] While doing multiple live migration on KVM, if panel was having mutiple storage and a vm storage was not a primary, then migration was failing. This is fixed.

25. [BugFix] LOGO URL was shown to login page on enduser instead of login url. This is fixed.

26. [BugFix] In new LXC mac address was not getting added in ebtables rule. This is fixed.

27. [BugFix] Admin user was not able to sync an ISO as sync iso option was not present in ACL wizard. This is fixed.

============ Patch 1 ============

28. [BugFix] VM settings from data column were not getting restored while restoring the using Restore to New VM wizard. This is fixed.

29. [BugFix] Guest agent was not getting installed while creating VM(s). This is fixed.

============ Patch 3 ============

30. [Feature] Added VZO Live Migration
31. [Feature] Added enduser Dark mode
32. [Feature] Added new server monitoring wizard to see node performance
33. [Feature] Added setting to disable recipe on reinstallation wizard admin panel
34. [Feature] Added web based shell terminal for nodes
35. [Feature] Added SSD Emulation for proxmox KVM
36. [Feature] Added compression algorithm for backups : lzo_compression_enable, zstd_compression_enable

37. [Feature] Added Allowed IP for API calls, to restrict the API call from specific IPs.

38. [Task] Added cloud user login logo setting
39. [Task] Added individual sync button for server from master -> list servers
40. [Task] Added vz6_style_suspend setting to suspend VZO CT as legacy
41. [Task] Added temp_storage_fs setting for temp storage creation for backup/restore
42. [Task] Added sync button on list server to sync individual server.
43. [Task] Added valid hostname check to avoid control panel installation error.
44. [Task] Added setting : hide_acc_password, hide_forgot_password, disable_recipe_reinstall
45. [Task] Added an option to show server selection log
46. [Task] Added serail console session for container from admin panel - managevps 
47. [Bug] Backslash was getting added for IPv6 on centos 8/ Alma/ rocky. This is fixed.
48. [Bug] On xenserver RDP was not getting enabled for windows machine. This is fixed.
49. [Bug] VNC was not working on proxmox 6 nodes due to socket. This is fixed.
50.[Bug] On proxmox server even though the vm was suspended, it was showing running. This is fixed.
51. [Bug] Edit IP subnet did not have the netmask 48. This is added.
52.[Bug] Server selection algorithm was not calculating the server properly for least used cores. This is fixed.

============ Patch 4 ============

53. [Feature]  Added master setting compression_algo to provide default compression/decompression algo while backup/restore.
54. [Feature]  Added "secure_allowed_api_ips" setting if specified only those ips will be allowed to perform api operations
55. [Task]  Added hidden setting default_mig_speed to apply a comman migration speed.
56. [Task]  Added check during addvs whether vps size is greater then template size
57. [Task]  Now admin can select ipv4 and internal ip and provide disk size while restore to new
58. [Task]  Added support for windows recipe
59. [Task]  Added check for vcores limit when creating vps from panel
60. [Task]  Added custom cpu mode in plans for kvm
61. [Task]  Added VM short name and long name variable for user to change
62. [Task]  Removed openvz_kvm option from multivirt
63. [Task]  Added compression_algo support while vps migration
64. [Task]  Tasks table retention made 120 days
65. [Task]  Add server vCores on list server page
66. [Bug]  If change password/hostname setting was diabled for enuser then too he was able to change hostname and password from editvm wizard This is fixed
67. [Bugfix]  vps failed to start if we enable guest agent on centos 6 This is fixed
68. [Bugfix]  On kvm cpu mode was not working This is Fixed
69. [Bugfix]  while creating vps ppp was not getting enabled for vzo This is fixed
70. [Bugfix]  On admin panel manageserver page when we try to change server from the dropdown it do not loads the selected server data This is fixed

============ Patch 5 ============

71. [Bugfix] Minor issue fixed which was introduced in

============ Patch 6 ============

72. [Feature] Added setting to disable server web terminal
73. [Feature] Added From email field in master setting to set FROM header for sending email.
74. [Feature] Added T&C field for Billing registration wizard. If URL is provided for T&C then without enabling checkbox, registration will not be possible.
75. [Feature] Added setting as Disable Suspended VM Backup. If enabled then suspended VM will not be backed up.
76. [Feature] Added Windows static IP configuration, timezone, RDP without login
77. [Task] UPDATED XCP-NG importer for file base VMs
78. [Task] Updated webuzo code as per new V3 version SDK
79. [Task] Added handle for network_speed and upload_speed in create.php and editvm.php
80. [Task] Added checkbox to enable/disable multiple email templates at once on list email template page.
81. [Task] Now in createvps/rebuildvps template username will be send according to os set in vps
82. [BugFix] Terminal was not working for when admin user was logged in. This is fixed.
83. [BugFix] Guest agent was not getting enabled while making VM from WHMCS or blesta. This is fixed.
84. [BugFix] Number of backups were not calculated properly in enduser panel. This is fixed.
85. [BugFix] Bandwidth was showing for current day on managevps page. This is fixed.
86. [BugFix] VHD file storage was not working on XCP. This is fixed.
87. [BugFix] On master only setup, rescue was not getting enabled. This is fixed.
88. [BugFix] In enduser panel IPv6 subnet management was not showing. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.
89. [BugFix] Fox Xenserver PV vms, novnc was not working. This is fixed.
90. [BugFix] On managevps if plan was changed then old IPs (Extra IPs which were not in old plan) were getting removed on editing the VM. This is fixed.
91. [BugFix] Terminal was not working for 4084 port. This is fixed.
92. [BugFix] Restore to new VPS process was broken if there were no free ips. This is fixed.
93. [BugFix] Additional parameters were not handled in Server selection algorithm. This is fixed.
94. [BugFix] On some servers disk usage was not coming, so changed the collection to 512kb. This is fixed.
95. [BugFix] Some virtuozzo container status was shown offline on enduser vpsmanage page. This is fixed.
96. [BugFix] In blesta/whmcs modules os list were not shown according to media group assign in enduser reinstall. This is fixed.
97. [BugFix] PPP feature was not getting enabled in virtuozzo openvz. This is fixed.
98. [BugFix] In admin API search by pdns domain name was not working in pdns domains API. This is fixed.
============ Patch 7 ============
99. [BugFix]  VPS restore was failing for block storage if compression was disabled. This is fixed!
100. [BugFix]  If vnc password was not provided then vnc was not getting enabled in virtuozzo. This is fixed!
101. [BugFix]  Max internal IPs were not getting set for new registered user. This is fixed!
============ Patch 8 ============
102. [BugFix] Sometimes server time were not in sync which was causing to fail migration. We now have added chrony to sync server time.
============ Patch 9 ============
103. [BugFix] On HA cluster if storage was not shared and added individually then vps creation was failing. This is fixed!
104. [BugFix] If user were setting vnc password more than 8 character on KVM, at that time VM was not able to start due to restriction added by QEMU. This is fixed!
105. [BugFix] File based backup was failing for zstd compression. This is fixed!
106. [BugFix] File based remote backup were failing if the VPS was offline. This if fixed!

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team

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