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Virtualizor 3.1.2 (Patch 3) Stable


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.1.2 (Stable Candidate)
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements.

Here is the complete change list.

1. [Feature]  Added Notification Panel on right side bar
2. [Feature]  API wizrad added, Now admin can created different API key pass and allow specific acts for the respective key.
3. [Feature]  HOT PLUG Added for KVM, Now user can attach/detach disks in Live VMS.
4. [Feature]  Added dns check for PTR record
5. [Feature]  Added SSH Backup Key support
6. [Feature]  Added new machine type option for proxmox
7. [Feature]  Added total_iops_sec , read_bytes_sec, read_bytes_sec, space_per_vm options on adduser/adduserplan wizard
8. [Feature]  Add SSH key option for VPS while creating. Admin / user can add/generate/use exisiting keys
9. [Feature]  Added API logs.
10. [Feature]  Added disable_enduser panel setting
11. [Feature]  Added setting to disable virt_type in enduser list VS page.
12. [Feature]  Added SSD emulation for KVM
13. [Tasks]  Added setting and filter to randomize the IP while add / editvps
14. [Tasks]  Added migration support for proxmox KVM
15. [Tasks]  Added Result count shown above table
16. [Tasks]  Changed License link on license page url to
17. [Tasks]  Changed Enduser UI dashboard
18. [Tasks]  Added Max Down Time option for live migration on KVM
19. [Tasks]  Added SSO for admin panel from WHMCS
20. [Tasks]  Chrony service will not be installed if ntpd is there
21. [Tasks]  Added Least System Load Server selection algo
22. [Tasks]  Added site title for cloud user
23. [BugFix]  Fixed option for server group to select none as option
24. [BugFix]  Locked VM were able to be migrated. This is fixed!
25. [BugFix]  ACL for teminal was not working. This is fixed.
26. [BugFix]  Edit stroage API was not working to disable primary storage
27. [BugFix]  While registering for cloud user internal IPs were not assigned to cloud user even if they were assigned in the user plan
28. [Task] Virtualizor will update lxc config for centos 8
29. [Task] Added pagination on rdns page in enduser
30. [BugFix] Backup/restore was not working for xen pv vps
31. [BugFix] Terms and condition setting were reverted if master/slave setting was saved
32. [BugFix] Webuzo control panel was not shown for almalinux 8 VM(s)

The following are the Documentations that were added in this version:
Guide for Volumes :
API guide for Volumes:

API Guide for SSH Keys:

Guide for API credentials wizard:

The Following are the docs that were edited in this version:

=========== Patch 1 ============

33. [Task] Added cron to check virtualizor service on 5 minute interval. If the service is not running then it will start the Virtualizor service.

34. [BugFix] Admin dashboard had broken UI due to minor Javascript error (Since This is fixed.

35. [Bugfix] Recipe was not getting executed from Cloud panel if billing was enable. This is fixed.

36. [Bugfix] On XEN VPS if swap was provided at that time Virtualizor was trying to take backup of swap partition as well and during that it was failing to take backup. Now Virtualizor will not take backup of swap partition. This is fixed.
37. [Task]  Added multiselect in import wizard
38. [Task]  Added xfs support for xfs based templates
39. [Task]  Added windows_username field on managevps admin page and editvm enduser page to provide custom username for windows VMs
40. [Task]  Added logs in windows vbscript which will be created in VM.
41. [Task]  If volume is in attached in VPS then the volume will not be backed up/restored.
42. [BugFix]  While xcp import if vps has multiple disks then disk order was getting changed after import. This is fixed.
43. [BugFix]  cloud users were able to create vps beyond the limit that was set for them. This is fixed.
44. [BugFix]  In Proxmox KVM cpuunits and cpulimit were not getting set. This is fixed.

============ Patch 2 =============

45. [BugFix] On some servers virtualizor service check was not working properly(Introduced in and This is fixed!

=========== Patch 3 ============
46. [BugFix] On promox servers virtualizor service check was not working properly(Introduced in and This is fixed!
[Task] Added minor compatibility code for new licensing infrastructure.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team

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