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Virtualizor 3.1.5 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.1.5
In this version, we have some bug fix.

Here is the complete change list:

1. [BugFix] This is a security fix. We will disclose more information in the next few hours.

------------- Patch 1 -------------

2. [Task]  Proxmox vlan_tag and firewall hidden setting added

------------- Patch 2 -------------

3. [Task]  Minor UI changes related to admin theme

------------Patch 3--------------

4. [Feature]  Added multi update on list servers (Now admin can update multiple servers from master panel)

5. [BugFix]  Secondary IPv6 were not getting added correctly on VM(s) created with AlmaLinux 8 / CentOS 8. This is fixed.

6. [Bugfix]  If IPv6 and Internal IP were configured without IPv4 (Public IP) at that time internal IP was not getting assigned to eth1 NIC in VM(s). This is fixed.

7. [Bugfix]  If OS was installed on secondary disk by user, Virtualizor was resizing it and due to that OS was not working. This is fixed.

8. [Bugfix]  Static IPs were not getting set in Windows VM if they were locked. This is fixed.

9. [Task]  SSH key(s) will be removed from VM, if it is removed from enduser panel on next Stop/Start operation

10. [Task]  Added page and reslen option in listvs enduser API

11. [Task]  In API response of task logs, the logs were coming in HTML format. Now it will be in JSON format.

12. [Task]  On Ubuntu 22.* we will add -y option in lvcreate opeartion while creating VM

13. [Task]  Added "hidden_dont_add_vm_hostname" hidden setting which will not add hostname entry in /etc/hosts file in VPS

14. [Task]  If python package or symlink is not there then Virtualizor will create it.
----------------Patch 4------------------

15. [BugFix]  Proxmox KVM was not setting the CPU mode when CPU flags were empty. This is fixed.

16. [BugFix]  In Backuply, the 'Restore to new' feature was not functioning properly. This is fixed.

17. [BugFix]  Some Proxmox servers (Older version of proxmox) were experiencing issues with VNC. This is fixed.

18. [Task]  Multi-disk support has been added to XCP

19. [Task]  Razorpay has been added as an payment option for Cloud Billing.

20. [Task]  The last name field has been added to the registration page for cloud user registration process

21. [Task]  Added a check for identical filenames when adding or editing an ostemplate

22. [Task]  The IPv6 address will now be displayed in a toast/tooltip message on the Manage VPS page
----------------Patch 5------------------

23. [Feature]  Added support of Backuply for Proxmox KVM VM(s).

24. [Feature]  Now ippool(s) can be assigned to all user. Previously it was allowed only for cloud users with billing enabled.

25. [Task]  Added an alogorithm to detect fastest mirror available for faster downloads of templates and updates.

26. [Task]  Added more logging for windows static ips assignment script.

27. [Task]  Now email will be sent in background task for operations like creat, rebuild, suspened and unsuspend VM(s)

28. [Task]  On ManageVPS page now notice will be shown, if the bridge is not present on the node for the IP which has been added.

29. [Task]  Imporoved disk partitioning and resizing for GPT based templates.

30. [Task]  Removed Java VNC support from Admin and enduser panel

31. [BugFix]  If XEN PV or HVM VM was created with VNC enabled at that time it was giving error while starting the VM. This is fixed.

32. [BugFix]  On server monitoring page, it was showing that the smartctl binary i snot installed even though it was present. This is fixed.

33. [BugFix]  In Virtuozzo KVM on resizing the disk, another disk was getting added. This is fixed.

34. [BugFix]  Migrations were failing for Proxmox KVM VM(s), if the VM was powered off. This is fixed.

35. [BugFix]  Recipe was not working in OpenVZ 7 containers. This is fixed.

36. [BugFix]  On ManageVPS wizard if the plan was selected and values were not applied, at that time IPv6 subnet was getting removed. This is fixed.

37. [BugFix]  Added boot order option for KVM. Now admin can select the boot order from which Disk they want the VM to boot.
38. [BugFix]  After adding the storage, storage details were showing as 0. This is fixed.
----------------Patch 6------------------

39. [BugFix] Windows VM creation / Edit VM with custom partition (system reserved or any other partition present) was not working. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.
----------------Patch 7------------------

40. [BugFix]  Setting boot order for KVM VPS from Enduser Panel was not working properly. This is Fixed.

41. [BugFix] Enabling Rescue Mode for KVM VPS was not working. This is Fixed.

42. [BugFix]  User was able to create/resize KVM VPS greater than 2TB storage using OS templates with MBR partitioning Scheme. This is Fixed.
43. [BugFix] Windows VPS with Customs partitions using block storage was not resizing properly. This is Fixed.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestions. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team

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