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Virtualizor 3.1.7


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.1.7
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements.

Here is the complete change list:

1. [Feature]  Added Load Balancer. Now cloud users (with billing enabled) can create Load Balancer from end-user panel. Here is the guide for how to do it

From Admin panel:

From enduser panel:

2. [Feature]  Added PCI and USB passthrough for KVM. Now Admin can passthrough the PCI graphic card and USB devices.

Please go through the following guide :

For USB Passthrough:

For GPU Passthrough:

3. [Feature]  Added support to migrate the Disks to other storage on the same node

4. [Feature]  Added SSO link for slave servers on the List servers page

5. [Feature]  Added setting to add Logo Image on the invoice on Admin panel -> Billing -> Billing Settings

6. [Feature]  Added Demo mode option while creating VM(s). While enabling this setting admin will need to provide the expiry date so that after the expiry date Virtualizor can delete that VM

7. [Feature]  Added UEFI support for Proxmox KVM

8. [Feature]  While Rebuilding, if the control panel was selected and VM had ISO chosen, it will show an error as the control panel can not be installed while iso is set.

9. [Feature]  Now if any changes are made to the VM then changed from and to will be shown in the task.

10. [Feature]  Added reason textbox while suspending the VM from the List VM wizard.

11. [Feature]  Added CPU threshold suspension. If the CPU threshold hits the value then it will suspend the VM.

12. [Task]  Now from the Master server, Admin will be able to save Backuply Plans without Backuply license. If the Server does not have the backuply license, it will take full backups.

13. [Task]  Added check for supported OS while installing control panel from admin panel and end user panel

14. [Task]  Added support to add "suspend reason" in API call

15. [Task]  Added support for CentOS 7, Ubuntu (18, 20, 22), and Almalinux(8,9) for the Webmin control panel

16. [Task]  Added search by the server on the list storage page.

17. [Task]  Added Admin-only recipe option

18. [Bugfix]  If Two-factor Authentication(2FA) was enabled on Proxmox Panel at that time Virtualizor API calls were not able to perform the operation. Now we have added a setting to add a 2FA token for the Proxmox Panel to fix this issue

19. [Bugfix]  After adding storage, storage size was not displayed until create vm wizard was accessed. This is fixed

20. [Bugfix]  Firewall rule was not working for 81 ports. This is fixed.

21. [Bugfix]  Legacy backup was not working when clicked on "Backup Now". This is Fixed.

22. [Bugfix]  Rebuild API wasn't returning the new OS name with which the VM was rebuilt. This is Fixed

23. [Bugfix]  Using Existing keys for VPS creation was not working from the Enduser panel. This is fixed

24. [Bugfix]  If the same VLAN was assigned for IPv4 and IPv6, then at the time of VM creation Virtualizor was assigning IPv4 and IPv6 from different VLANs due to which IPv6 was not working. This is Fixed

25. [Bugfix]  Disabling backup plans was not getting disabled and VMs were getting backed up. This is fixed

26. [Bugfix]  Migration used to power off the VMs. Now, it will try to stop the VPS gracefully and if that does not shut down after 20 seconds then Virtualizor will power off the machine.

27. [Bugfix]  Now Server Group name can not contain space for the HA group

28. [Bugfix]  For proxmox CDROM was getting attached even if the ISO was not provided. This is Fixed

29. [Bugfix]  Downloading the SSH key while adding the backup server was not a proper key. This is fixed.

30. [Bugfix]  Vlan option was not shown for IPv6. This is fixed.

31. [Bugfix]  While changing resources from WHMCS or API calls using SDK, some resources were getting changed. This is fixed.

32. [Bugfix]  Proxmox backuply was failing if VPS didn't have CDROM. This is Fixed.

33. [Bugfix]  VM password shown to the user was not XSS protected. This is fixed.

34. [Bugfix]  On XenServer IPs from subnets were not added in the VM after generating. This is fixed.

35. [Bugfix]  Server preference by Load was not present in the Master setting. This is added.

36. [Bugfix]  While Rebuilding, if the control panel was selected at that time hostname checking was not there. Its added.

37. [Bugfix]  List IPs were also showing the IPv6 subnet. This is fixed.

------------------------------------------------ Patch 1 -----------------------------------------------
38. [Bugfix]  UEFI was getting set as Default BIOS for KVM , Proxmox and Virtuozzo KVM Virtual Machines

------------------------------------------------ Patch 2 -----------------------------------------------

39. [Bugfix]  While reinstalling the VPS on proxmox KVM it was wrongly setting BIOS as UEFI . This is Fixed

40. [Bugfix]  Added Unassigned ips column on List Ippools page. It will show unassigned ips that are locked/unlocked and not assigned to any VM.

41. [Bugfix]  Custom date range added for VPS bandwidth on Enduser VPS Manage page under Graphs tab.

42. [Bugfix]  Backuply was not working on Ubuntu 20 server due to apparmor issue. This is fixed.

43. [Bugfix]  The default controller for USB was set wrongly for centos 6.

------------------------------------------------ Patch 3 -----------------------------------------------
44. [Task] Added a setting to disable the deletion of Bandwidth log entries taken on each 5 minutes. By default it will delete the logs as it was doing before

------------------------------------------------ Patch 4 -----------------------------------------------

45. [Task]  Temporary backup location setting added in slave settings

46. [Task]  Removed unwanted importer wizards which were not in use since long time.

47. [Task]  Added filter before adding the Bandwidth data in database.

48. [Bugfix]  VM creation was failing for latest templates like Almalinux 9.2 on Centos 7 nodes. This is fixed.

49. [Bugfix]  While creating plan OR creating VM with LB if ISO was selected, at that time virtualizor was not giving error and was creating the VM but Load balancer was not created successfully as it must be created from template. Now it will not allow to create VM plan or VM if ISO is selected.

50. [Bugfix]  Restore to new VM was not working if selected other storage for proxmox kvm. It was by default restored on default local storage. This is fixed.

51. [Bugfix]  On list IPs page search was not working for ip pool name. This is fixed.

52. [Bugfix]  Login OTP for two factor authentication was valid for longer time. This is fixed and now it will be valid only for 5 minutes.

53. [Bugfix]  Solusvm importer on openvz7 was not working properly. This is fixed.

54. [Bugfix]  If backup is enbaled for only primary disk, at that time it was failing by taking size of secondary disks as well. This is fixed.

55. [Bugfix]  While creating invoice from admin panel it was not calculating the tax properly. This is fixed.

------------------------------------------------ Patch 5 -----------------------------------------------

56. [Task]  Added Support for Webuzo Control Panel on Ubuntu 22.04

------------------------------------------------ Patch 6 -----------------------------------------------

57. [Bugfix]  If temporary backup location was set for Local Backup plan, then those backups were not getting displayed on Restore VM Wizard. This is fixed.

58. [Bugfix]  If generate SSH Key option was selected at the time of VM creation at that time private key was sent as blank file. This is fixed.

59. [Bugfix]  After uploading the backup SSH connection was not closed which was causing issue on few servers. This is fixed.

60. [Bugfix]  On KVM servers now if HA is enabled then VMs will not be set as Auto Start to avoid issue of redefining the VM. As the config file is shared among the nodes in HA setup.

61. [Bugfix]  In enduser panel -> RDNS wizard, search was not working for rdns records. This is fixed.

62. [Bugfix]  SSO link was not generated for enduser via API. This is fixed.

63. [Bugfix]  In ZFS storage if the disk size was given in decimal, at that time it was giving error of resizing disk. Now decimal size is not allowed for disk on ZFS storage.

64. [Bugfix]  SSH login was failing for Proxmox LXC containers. This is fixed.

65. [Bugfix]  For Proxmox KVM VMs restore to new was not happening on different storage. This is fixed.

66. [Bugfix]  While taking backup, if "Primary Disk Only" option was enabled, at that time disk size was getting checked for secondary disk as well which was causing issue. This is fixed.

67. [Feature]  Restore to new server is now available for Backuply Backups

68. [Feature]  Added filters "before_adduser" and "after_adduser"

69. [Task]  Added warning while deleting the OS template if the OS template is being used in any VMs

70. [Task]  Added white label option for cloud user for copyright and privacy policy

71. [Task]  Now after expiry of Demo VM can be suspended as well. Added option in VPS plans and while creating VM.

72. [Task]  On VM Restore wizard, Select VPS and Select Backup Directory fields are now searchable

73. [Task]  Added setting for not to delete the DB log of bandwidth for every 5 minutes
------------------------------------------------ Patch 7 -----------------------------------------------

74. [Bugfix]  List IP was showing IPv6 subnets as well. This is Fixed.

75. [Bugfix]  SSH service was not started for Debian templates. This issue was introduced in This is Fixed.

76. [Bugfix]  Edit VPS logs on the Tasks Page were displaying boot order as "Array" and were displaying DNS name servers in serialized format. This is Fixed.

77. [Bugfix]  WHMCS User (Cloud User in Virtualizor) was not getting unsuspended when credits were added. The user will be unsuspended when a panel is accessed from the WHMCS client area.

78. [Bugfix]  RDNS records were not deleted if the record was after the first 50 records. This is fixed.

79. [Bugfix]  If the cloud user was suspended due to low balance and if he added balance to his account at that time suspension reason was not updated. This is fixed.
------------------------------------------------ Patch 8 -----------------------------------------------

80. [Feature]  Now passwords can be changed for other users for Linux as well. NOTE: The user must be present to change the password.

81. [Feature]  Proxmox 8 support added

82. [Feature]  Added LDAP authentication support for Admin panel login. Documentation is here

83. [Feature]  Included the 'Auto Add PTR record' setting in plans and introduced a 'Do Not Add PTR' checkbox on the 'Add Virtual Server' page, providing users with the option to override the plan setting if needed.

84. [Bugfix]  Server Statistics SDK API call was not working for parameter 'show'. This is fixed.

85. [Bugfix]  Guest agent commands were not working for latest distros like alma 9+. This is fixed.

86. [Bugfix]  If guest agent was not installed inside the VM at that time volume attachment was failing without any error. It will show proper error now.

87. [Bugfix]  In Backuply, if the incremental backup files size were small but overall disk(s) size was more than the actual VM size at that time restore was failing. This is fixed.

88. [Bugfix]  While restoring the VM on zfs storage the disk was not renamed properly in Proxmox KVM. This is fixed.

89. [Bugfix]  In the scenario where multiple Proxmox servers existed within a cluster, and they were not added as master-slave in Virtualizor, the same virtual machine (VM) name was erroneously being created for another server. This issue has been resolved. Virtualizor now checks the VMs available in the Proxmox cluster, and generates the VM name accordingly to prevent conflicts.

90. [Bugfix]  Services status was showing offline in virtualizor for latest OS. This is fixed.

91. [Bugfix]  Temporary backup was not getting deleted while restoring the VM to new server. This is fixed.

92. [Bugfix]  There was an issue while restoring the Proxmox LXC containers on ceph storage. This is fixed.

93. [Bugfix]  Virtualizor firewall service was not working properly on node with latest OS. This is fixed.

94. [Bugfix]  On linux machine timezone was not setting properly. This is fixed.

95. [Bugfix]  The core limitation setting in the slave configuration was not being applied when editing the virtual machine (VM). This issue has been resolved, and error reporting has been improved for better functionality.

96. [Bugfix]  In edit Plan, For CPU threshold time was not getting set above 100. Also, user was able to set CPU threshold pecentage above 100%. This is Fixed.

97. [Bugfix]  From WHMCS API calls made to managevps page on admin panel, at that time $ret['vps'] was not containing the IPs. This was affecting WHMCS dedicated IPs to be removed. This is fixed.

98. [Bugfix]  Export VM list to CSV was not working. This is fixed.

99. [Task]  Added crontimeout for all Virtualizor Crons to avoid stuck cron process on many nodes.

100. [Task]  Updated the list of supported OS for control panel installations

101. [Task]  Added search by vpsid on ipv6 subnet page.

102. [Task]  On VM creation page VM plans will be listed in alphabetical order
------------------------------------------------ Patch 9 -----------------------------------------------

103. [Task]  Updated to the latest version.

104. [Task]  Added forgot password limit for enduser panel to avoid spam. Attempts will be applied as set on the admin panel for "Max Login Attempts"

105. [Task]  On the List server page, now the server list will shown as server group-wise.

106. [Task]  On openvz7 if /tmp was on tmpfs, at that time template_converter was giving issues. So added a hidden setting to set a temporary directory for template_converter to use.

107. [Bugfix]  OS Templates were not getting downloaded using the fastest mirror. This is fixed.

108. [Bugfix]  Novnc was not working on the ubuntu22 node OS. This is fixed.

109. [Bugfix]  Backuply backup was failing to upload the backup due to connection timeout to the backup server. This is fixed.

110. [Bugfix]  RDNS entries were not getting deleted. This is fixed.

111. [Bugfix]  zzvirtservice made as service. Before it was not showing status. This is fixed.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestions. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team

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