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Virtualizor 3.2.0


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.2.0
In this version, we have some New Professional features and fixes.

Here is the complete change list:

1. [Feature] Added Firewall for Enduser panel. Endusers can apply the firewall rules for their machines from enduser panel

2. [Feature] Added Sorting on the List Servers Page on the admin panel

3. [Feature] A New theme has been added as 2024 for Enduser panel. This theme is in Beta.

4. [Feature] Now enduser can add their recipes from enduser panel

5. [Feature] Added option to add SRV record in PDNS management

6. [Bugfix] While adding a user from an API call allowed virtualizations were not assigned properly. This is fixed.

7. [Bugfix] Reducing SWAP to 0 was causing issues. Now an error will be shown saying that SWAP can not be reduced to 0.

8. [Bugfix] Unsuspension calls from WHMCS were failing because a proper response was not coming from the API call. This is fixed.

9. [Bugfix] On rebuilding the VM, VM password was not saved properly. This is fixed.

10. [Bugfix] On reboot of Node having proxmox 8 as base node OS, VNC was not working for VMs. This is fixed.

11. [Bugfix] RTC setting was not working for proxmox KVM machines. This is fixed.

12. [Bugfix] For KVM guests if guest-agent was enabled, at that time disk usage was showing 0 in enduser panel. This is fixed.

13. [Bugfix] Backup disks were showing as orphaned disk(s). Now backup disks will not be shown in the Orphan disk list.

14. [Bugfix] In the cloud user panel (Billing enabled) after making a payment suspension notice was still shown. This is fixed.

15. [Bugfix] While migrating the VM having more than 250 IPs it resulted in failed Migration. This is fixed.

16. [Bugfix] While adding user(s) from API if the user plan ID was posted, at that time user resources were not getting applied. This is fixed.

17. [Task] Now Cloud users can select recipes while creating VM(s).

18. [Task] Improved listvs API response.

19. [Task] If a VPS plan was created for a load balancer and the destination server did not have a Professional license, at that time it was creating a VM as a normal VM. Added error check for a professional license for such a scenario.

------------------------------ Patch 1 ------------------------------
20. [Bugfix] The QR Code was not shown while enabling the two-factor Authentication. This is fixed.
21. [Bugfix] New theme was not getting enabled. This is fixed.
22. [Bugfix] For CEPH block storage, if a VM disk size was created for more than 1000 GB at that time on every edit of the VM, a disk resize task was created which was causing the issue. This is fixed.
23. [Bugfix] LDAP login was not working for slave panels. This is fixed.
24. [Task] Improvements for new UI.

------------------------------ Patch 2 ------------------------------

25. [Feature]  Added Windows templates to Template Browser on Admin Panel

26. [Feature]  Now NoVNC will be Enabled/Disabled without Stop and Start of the Machine (For KVM)

27. [Tasks]  Improved Firewall rules

28. [Tasks]  Improved API response for List VS page on enduser panel

------------------------------ Patch 3 ------------------------------
29. [Bugfix] Bulk Firewall changes were not applied properly. This is fixed.
30. [Bugfix] API statistic call was not working for previous months data. This is fixed.
31. [Bugfix] The RDNS option was shown on enduser panel even though the setting was disabled from Admin panel and only PDNS was enabled. This is fixed.
32. [Feature] QCOW2 support added for templates. At the moment only Virtualizor templates will work. Soon will be added for cloud images.

------------------------------ Patch 4 ------------------------------

33. [Task]  Now for Master Only server, while creating VM it will select the first available node, instead of showing warning that you can not create VM on masteronly node.

34. [Task]  Firewall will be available for all endusers.

35. [Task]  Minor UI changes for 2024 theme

36. [Bugfix]  If any internal IP pool was assigned to the user, at that time free public IP pool was not showing up for the same user. This is fixed.

37. [Bugfix] Rescue mode was not working for qcow2 disk storage. This is fixed.

38. [Bugfix]  VM password were not getting reset if the VM was rebuilt from Linux to Windows or vice versa. This is fixed.

39. [Bugfix]  If VM was created using SSH keys at that time while rebuilding it was giving error. Now added option to remove old ssh keys and add new keys.

40. [Bugfix]  On Xenserver 8, DHCP entries were not written correct, due to which VM were not able to start. This is fixed.
------------------------------ Patch 5 ------------------------------
41. [BugFix] On masteronly server, other servers were not getting selected. This was introduced in This is fixed.

------------------------------ Patch 6 ------------------------------

42. [Bugfix] While importing from Proxmox, CPU sockets and CPU cores were not getting added in CPU topology. This is fixed.

43. [Bugfix] In Enduser new UI endusers were not able to save Settings. This is fixed.

44. [Bugfix] In Enduser new UI custom logos were not working. This is fixed.

45. [Bugfix] Enduser SSO from WHMCS client area was not working. This is fixed.

46. [Bugfix] There was an issue in listing the recipes in enduser. This is fixed.

47. [Bugfix] In Virtuozzo KVM, while adding new disks and removing old disks on managevps page, it was not removing the old disks. This is fixed.

48. [Bugfix] On Ubuntu 22/24 Backuply backups were failing silently on some servers. This is fixed.

49. [Bugfix] Oracle Linux was not listed in Distros list on Template Browser. This is fixed.

50. [Bugfix] On admin dashboard, masteronly server was showing as Openvz in server status section. This is fixed.

51. [Bugfix] On proxmox kvm while adding more than 5 disks on managevps wizard was giving error. That error should be shown only for SATA disks. This is fixed.

52. [Bugfix] smartmontols (smartctl) will be installed if not present to get the disk health. If the package was not there then it was not showing the disk health. This is fixed.

53. [Bugfix] Added a check of lsof package, if not present then Virtualizor will try to install. It was giving issue to detect vnc ports being used.

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestions. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team

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