Virtualizor New UI coming soon


We are happy to announce the introduction of upcoming new design of Virtualizor Admin as well as Enduser panel.

Changes in the new UI are as follows :

  • Enduser panel is now responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Admin panel is now responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Added quick search option in Admin panel -> Configuration -> Master settings and slave settings
  • Instead of Maps now country flags will be used for server location.
    NOTE: Latitude and longitude settings are replaced by Country code, State and city.
  • Now active tasks count will be shown in the top link
  • Added quick links for faster access

Have a quick peek at the new UI here:

Enduser Panel

Enduser Dashboard
List VM
Cloud Billing wizard
LetsEncrypt wizard (For cloud user only)
Settings tab for VM
Launch Instance for Cloud user panel
User Profile wizard

Admin Panel

Admin Panel Dashboard
List VM wizard
Create VM wizard
Manage VM wizard
Configuration wizard
Migrate VM wizard
Add VPS Plan wizard
Rebuild VM wizard

Please let us know if you have any suggestion / issues. You can contact us on our Live chat support from our website.

Virtualizor Team