WHMCS Module v7 launched


The Virtualizor Team has released the new version of WHMCS module with feature enhancements.

1) [Feature] BuycPanel API module support added for cPanel auto licensing.

2) [Feature] OS Template Option added in “Configurable Options”. Now the Admin can set the pricing for their templates.

3) [Feature] Added Server status API for WHMCS admin panel. You can get the Server Status Details from the “serverinfo” API : http://virtualizor.com/wiki/API_Get_Server_Info

4) [Feature] WHMCS Admin will have option to disable “OS Re-install” and “Install Control Panel” option in WHMCS Client panel.

5) [Feature] Hostname and IP details have been added in WHMCS Admin Area.

6) [Feature] Added setting disable auto terminate the VPS through WHMCS Admin Panel.

7) [Bug Fix] VNC button was visible in WHMCS Client Panel for OpenVZ. Which is fixed Now.

Existing Admins can update the module by replacing the existing module with the latest one. Please see our documentation for setup information : http://virtualizor.com/wiki/WHMCS_Module

We are continuously striving for suggestions and bug reports. Some of them have been executed while some of the features are under the todo list. We request every client to take part in this initiative to help us to grow and set a better presence in the market.

If you have any suggestion or bug report, please report it by emailing it to us at : support@virtualizor.com or you can open a support ticket here : https://www.softaculous.com/support/

The Virtualizor Team