Virtualizor Launched (Patch 6) (Stable Branch)


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor (Patch 2) (Stable Branch)
This version has some bug fixes. The following are the complete list of changes :

1) [Bugfix] If shadow is enabled for login on XenServer, at that time root login was not possible for Virtualizor on XenServer. This is fixed.

2) [Bugfix] When Admin adds any templates having “.img” as an extension, the extenstion of the filename was shown to name column on the OS Template wizard. This is fixed.

3) [Bugfix] While using WHMCS Cloud module if any one tries to access the Virtualizor node with different act like “listvs”, it was possible to get access to the VPS of other users and perform action to their VPS. This is fixed.

4) [Bugfix] NoVNC fix for CSRF token issue from WHMCS.

Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, Xen, XenServer, LXC and Linux-KVM on CentOS and Ubuntu and they all can be managed from the Master. We are adding more features and if you have any suggestions, do let us know. We hope you enjoy this version of Virtualizor.

The Virtualizor Team