Virtualizor Release Candidate (Patch 1)


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.1 (Release Candiate) (Patch 1)
In this version we have bug fixes and improvements. Here is the change log for this version:

1. [Task] On Haproxy wizard, listing of haproxy rules were not shown in order. It will be shown in order now.

2. [Task] Minor UI changes for LetsEncrypt wizard.

3. [Bugfix] While migration it was giving error and not allowing the Migration / Clone operation. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

4. [Bugfix] On edit vps plan wizard, VNC option was not shown for Proxmox KVM plans. This is fixed.

To get the complete list of change log, please visit the following link :

Let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion to improve Virtualizor panel. Please use our live chat support to get faster replies, Skype support will be closed in near future.

Virtualizor Team.