Virtualizor 3.0.3 Launched (patch 1) (Release)


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor (Release)
In this version we have introduced some bug fixes and improvements. Here is the complete change list:

1. [Bugfix] Add RDNS record was failing with HTTP error 500. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

2. [Bugfix] If Delete VM Backup setting was enabled (This setting was introduced in then Virtualizor was only deleting the latest backup and not all previous backup(s) of the VM. This is fixed.

3. [Bugfix] On OpenVZ 7 server from Enduser panel secondary ISO was not getting saved. This is fixed.

4. [Bugfix] While editing the VM from enduser panel and setting the internal IP to 0 was not getting saved. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

5. [Bugfix] OS templates were not listed in Enduser panel Launch Instance page if user had no media group assigned. This is fixed.

For full list of change log please check the following link :

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team