Virtualizor 3.0.5 Launched


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.5
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements. Here is the complete change list:

1. [BugFix] ListVS page in Admin panel was not opening on some OpenVZ servers only, this issue was introduced in This is fixed now.

============== Patch 1 ==============

2. [Bugfix] Cloud user resources were not getting deducted while editing the VM from cloud panel. This is fixed.

3. [Bugfix] Custom MAC address was not getting updated in for windows machine from Manage VPS wizard in Admin panel. This is fixed.

4.[Bugfix] Added setting “Set MTU value in VPS config file“. Admin can enable this setting from Admin panel -> Configuration -> Master / Slave Setting -> under General Setting category. If not enabled then MTU tag will not be added to the VM config file. By default this setting is disabled.

5.[Bugfix] Task retention was not working, this is now fixed.

6.[Bugfix] Admin panel Tasks page did not displayed pagination if there were more than 50 tasks present in tasks table, this is now fixed.

============== Patch 2 ==============

7. [Bugfix] There was a minor issue in noc_api sdk, which was causing issue in Webuzo setting. This issue was introduced in This is fixed now.

============== Patch 3 ==============

8. [Bugfix] Bandwidth Graph was showing 0% for usage between 0% and 1%. This is fixed and will now show in decimal as well.

9. [Bugfix] While editing the burst RAM for VZO containers, it was not taking effect on containers. This is fixed.

10. [Bugfix] On List IPs page in Admin panel multi select operation was not performed correctly. This is fixed.

11. [Bugfix] Search was not working for List Servers on Admin panel if searched for the virtualization type like proxmox Qemu/LXC, Virtuozzo KVM/LXC/OpenVZ. This is fixed.

12. [Bugfix] While editing the Email Template from Admin Panel it was giving error as “You can not edit email template from slave server”. This is fixed.

13. [Bugfix] While deleting the Backup manually from Admin Panel it was not deleting the secondary disk backups (If any). This is fixed.

14. [Bugfix] IPv6 and IPv6 Subnet count was not deducted properly for cloud users. This is fixed.

15. [Bugfix] If file integrity check failed to determine the size at that time backup file was not getting deleted. Now it will delete the backup file.

16. [Bugfix] sfdisk utility was getting updated on OS update and due to that Virtualizor was not able to resize the VMs (This was happening on Ubuntu 16+ and CentOS 7+). This is fixed.

17. [Bugfix] Task log retention was not working. This is fixed.

18. [Bugfix] Format Primary Disk option was not showing up if the Master server is Openvz Or Master Only. This is fixed.

19. [Bugfix] Temporary backup files for VZO containers was not getting deleted. This is fixed.

20. [Bugfix] Only single backup information was provided in response for List Backup API call, even though there were multiple backups for the VMs. This is fixed.

21. [Bugfix] On Master setting page in Admin panel if any setting value contained a single quote (‘) then it was not working. This is fixed.

22. [Bugfix] Socket setting for CPU was not applied in CPU topology for Proxmox Qemu VM(s). This is fixed.

23. [Bugfix] IO Limit saved in backup plan was not applied for Backup restore operation. This is fixed.

24. [Task] Bandwidth graphs improved to understand it better on Admin panel -> Bandwidth page.

25. [Task] Bandwidth Graph Legends improved on admin panel dashboard.

26. [Task] Improved Migrate Master utility to avoid issues in VM management.

27. [Task] PHPMailer library is updated to latest version.
NOTE: For windows mailservers NTLM authentication will not work from this version. As PHPmailer has removed support for this.

28. [Task] Added List / Add SSH Keys API call in Admin SDK.
Here are the link for Admin API :

29. [Task] Added option to search by Ippool ID on IPranges page in Admin panel.

30. [Task] Sparse flag added for restore operation for thin storages.

31. [Task] Now Virtualizor will not create a VM while restoring to New VM. This will improve the restore process time by 50% and will save node IO.

32. [Feature] Added option to add SSH Key for a VM from Admin panel -> VPS Manage page.

33. [Feature] Server Selection Preference option added on Server group page and Master Setting for VM creation. By default first come first serve algorithm will be applied. If Server Group has the preference then it will be the first priority over Master setting preference.
Here is the guide for it :

34. [Feature] Added search option for Subuser of a Cloud user in SDK function users().
Here is the guide for it :

35. [Feature] Added Template creation for File base VM.

============== Patch 4 ==============

36. [Bugfix] While adding VPS Plan for Proxmox LXC it was giving error as invalid disk bus driver. This is fixed.

37. [Task] Spanish Language translation updated.

38. [Task] Error handling improved while searching IP in firewall wizard.

39. [Task] PDNS server can not be added or managed from slave servers. Added restriction for that.

40. [Task] API functionality was not available for Import VMs wizard. Here is the guide for that :

============== Patch 5 ==============

41. [Bugfix] From WHMCS while placing an order for an existing user it was giving error as same user exists. This issue was introduced in This is fixed now.

============== Patch 6 ==============

42. [Bugfix] In enduser panel ISO was listed even though it was not assigned to media group and hence was giving error while VM creation with that ISO. This is fixed.

43. [Bugfix] In enduser panel Datatables library had some English strings. Now it will be shown as per users language.

44. [Bugfix] If VM was created using Windows ISO then in enduser it was showing as “Other OS”. This is fixed now.

45. [Bugfix] While adding VPS Plans for Proxmox server from Master only server or other virtualization Master server, it was giving error as invalid Bus Driver. This is fixed.

46. [Bugfix] While editing the VPS plan for other Virtualizations except Openvz and VZO, VM configuration were not getting saved.

47. [Bugfix] On Ceph storage VM passwords were not getting set. This is fixed.

48. [Bugfix] While suspending / unsuspending the VM(s) from WHMCS, two callbacks were being called. This is fixed.

49. [Bugfix] In Admin panel -> Configuration -> Timezone setting, all timezones were not covered. This is fixed.

50.[Bugfix] On Admin panel -> Manage VPS wizard -> Graphs percentage data were not rounded to 2 decimal and hence it was showing long decimal range. This is Fixed.

51. [Bugfix] If on KVM Node only internal bridge was setup for internal IPs and there was no viifbr0 interface present on the server, at that time VM creation was giving error. This is fixed.

52. [Bugfix] On VZO servers restore to new VM was not working. This issue was introduced in This is fixed.

============== Patch 7 ==============

53. [Bugfix] On ManageVPS wizard vCPU setting was not saved properly. This is fixed.

54. [Bugfix] If Proxmox Plans did not have Bus Driver saved in the DB, at that time Virtualizor was giving error while creating the VM from that plan. This is fixed.

54. [Task] Virtio will be default NIC Driver for Proxmox KVM since

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team.