Server Groups


This guide shows you how to create a Server Group in your Virtualizor Master. Server Groups is possible only in case of a Cluster setup of Virtualizor Servers. Server groups are useful for creating a group of servers which are different from the other. e.g. Lets say you have 10 Servers in the USA and 5 in Europe. You can create two groups which can be used in the Billing Module for creating seperate orders.


You can create a Server Group in Virtualizor Master from the Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Servers -> Add Server Group. The following is a Screen Shot of the utility :

The fields are self explanatory, but the following is a detailed explanation :

  • Server Group Name : A name for the new Server Group. You cannot give two groups the same name.
  • Server Group Description : A small description.
  • Server Selection : This will specify the method of selecting a server within the Group when a VPS is to be created. Two methods are supported :
    • Least Utilised : The VPS will be created on the server in this group which is least utilised on the basis of the number of VPS. This is the behaviour our Billing module will follow.
    • First Available : The VPS will be created on the server which is the first one in this group. When the first server is full, the next server will be used.

Adding Server to Group

You can add a server to the group while adding the Slave Server to the Master. You can also later on edit the Slave server and change the group.


If you need any assistance, please contact Virtualizor Support.

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