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Virtualizor 3.0.9 (Patch 4) Launched (Release Candidate)


The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.9 (Patch 4) (Release Canditate)
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements.

Here is the complete change list:

1. [Feature]  Added master setting compression_algo to provide default compression/decompression algo while backup/restore.
2. [Feature]  Added "secure_allowed_api_ips" setting if specified only those ips will be allowed to perform api operations
3. [Task]  Added hidden setting default_mig_speed to apply a common migration speed.
4. [Task]  Added check during addvs whether vps size is greater then template size
5. [Task]  Now admin can select ipv4 and internal ip and provide disk size while restore to new
6. [Task]  Added support for windows recipe
7. [Task]  Added check for vcores limit when creating vps from panel
8. [Task]  Added custom cpu mode in plans for kvm
9. [Task]  Added VM short name and long name variable for user to change
10. [Task]  Removed openvz_kvm option from multivirt
11. [Task]  Added compression_algo support while vps migration
12. [Task]  Tasks table retention made 120 days
13. [Task]  Add server vCores on list server page
14. [Bug]  If change password/hostname setting was diabled for enuser then too he was able to change hostname and password from editvm wizard This is fixed
15. [Bug]  vps failed to start if we enable guest agent on centos 6 This is fixed
16. [Bug]  On kvm cpu mode was not working This is Fixed
17. [Bug]  while creating vps ppp was not getting enabled for vzo This is fixed
18. [Bug]  On admin panel manageserver page when we try to change server from the dropdown it do not loads the selected server data This is fixed

For complete list of changes please visit the following link:

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at

Virtualizor Team

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