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An IP Pool is a collection of IPs which can be used to create VMs.
You should create an IP Pool so that there are no connectivity issues within a VM you create.
You can define the Netmask, Gateways for the IPs, Name Servers, etc. This guide shows you how to add an IP Pool to your node.


You can Add an IP Pool from your Virtualizor Admin -> IP Pool -> Create IP Pool
The following is a screenshot of the Add IP Pool wizard.

Required Inputs

  • Type : The type of IPs the pool will have. By default the page will load with an IPv4 selected. If you are adding an IPv6 Pool, please choose IPv6.
  • Server : Incase you have slave servers, you will need to choose the Server on which this IP can be used. To change the server, please change the active server from the top menu.
  • Name : A simple name for the pool so that you can identify it.
  • Nameserver 1 : The first name server that will be set within the VM that is assigned an IP from this pool.
  • Nameserver 2 : The second name server that will be set within the VM that is assigned an IP from this pool.
  • First IP and Last IP : If you are adding a range of new IPs, you can do so by specifying the First and last IP of the range.

Advanced Settings

  • Enable NAT : If this IP Pool is to be used as a NAT Pool, you will need to check this box. More detailed guide on setting up a NAT Pool can be found here
  • Use Routed Network : If this is enabled, VMs using the IPs from this pool will have a route file created (/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-DEVICE). Some datacenters need this.
  • Enter IP : You will need to enter the IP(s) here. You can add multiple IPs by clicking the + button. If you are adding a range, then leave this blank and give the First IP and Last IP
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