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Add Secondary CD ROM


Secondary CD-ROM is useful when you need to install any driver or any third party application in your VPS through CD/DVD. This feature allows you to attach the secondary CD-ROM to your existing VPS or newly created VPS.
After assigning it, you will get another drive with the CD/DVD mounted in your VPS.

Adding Secondary CD-ROM

To assign any CD/DVD or ISO to any VPS, you first need to add the ISO in Virtualizor Panel.

Step 1 : Add your desired ISO in "ADD ISO" section of Virtualizor Admin Panel.

After downloading the ISO, you will find that ISO in "List ISO" section of VIrtualizor Panel.

Create a VPS with Secondary CD-ROM

When you create a VPS you will find "Advance Option" Section in "Create VPS" page.

Attached your desired ISO and create the VPS.

For example : Following is the image of Ubuntu VPS with FreeBSD ISO attached to that VPS.

You can attach any ISO image with the VPS and make use of it.


Secondry CD-ROM is useful if you are running a Windows VPs and you require a Windows Drivers to be installed through ISO.

Note : This feature is not available in Virtualizor WHMCS Module.

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