This guide will explain how create and attach/deatach volumes to VM.

Note : This feature is available only for KVM at the moment

since 3.1.0+

Add Volume

You can add and access volumes from Admin panel -> Storage -> Volumes.
Volume can be added only if VPS is present on node.

  • Click on change server to change the server If VPS is not available on server.
  • The VPS list will appear accordingly to vpses on the server.
  • Specify the mount point to mount the volume inside the VPS.
  • Choose the VPS to attach the volume Specify the size and storage to create volume.
  • Check the attach volume if you want to attach the volume to or else it will created.
  • Choose the format type to format the volume with.
    NOTE: Volume will be mounted only if guest agent is enabled inside the VPS.

Edit Volume

  • Volume can be attached and detached from VPS.
  • Volumes can be resized and deleted.
  • If volume is attached to VPS the vpsid will be shown.
  • Attach option is available on volumes which are not attached to VPS.
  • Deatach volume will be available only if volume is attached to VPS.

NOTE : Volume can only resized when they are not attached to VPS.

Edit volume

List Volumes

  • All volumes available will be listed
  • Bulk volumes can be deleted from here.
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