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API Logs

Admin Logs

On the admin side, the root/owner can see all the different types of API logs. These logs include both admin and end-user API calls. API logs will show you all the different information such as source IP, API ID, VPS ID, Users, their type, and more. Extra Info will consist of information such as POST data, GET data, module name and much more. 


Some information are expandable, you will notice "+" sign near those key text. Pressing those will extend and display more information in context to that key.


API Call Status

You can check each API call status and whether the calls are successful or invalid. 


End-user API log

End-users can also view their logs by simply going into the API Credential wizard. In the API credential wizard, you can see the third tab which shows API logs.


Notification View

You can also get a quick glance of the unauthorized API access in the notifications panel.

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