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Configure Reverse DNS


This page explains how to configure Reverse DNS for an IP in Virtualizor. Virtualizor PowerDNS supports IPv4 and IPv6 for Reverse DNS.
To allow endusers to add the RDNS, Reverse DNS zone can be added through Virtualizor Admin Panel.


Before going further, make sure you have Configured your PowerDNS server properly. You can test your DNS Server connection from "List PDNS Server" page.

Configure PowerDNS:

Adding Reverse DNS Zone

Admin can add the Reverse DNS Zone through Virtualizor Admin Panel.
Navigate to "Power DNS" > "Add Reverse DNS Zone"

Zone Name : The Zone name for the SOA Record.
For example,
IPv4 IP :, Zone Name :
IPv4 IP sub-delegated network range :, Zone Name : 168/ or
IPv6 IP : 2001:41d0:0008:53ff:0000:0000:xxxx:xxxx, Zone Name :

Name Servers : The host name of the Name Servers that serve the given zone.

Hostmaster Email : The Email Address of the Domain admin.

Select Server : The PDNS server on which the zone is to be added.

Sub-delegated Reverse DNS zones

Virtualizor since 3.0.6, support sub-delegated RDNZ zones (rfc2317).

If prefix of an IPv4 IP range is not /8, /16 or /24, then for that IP range, RDNS zone name can be in any one of following format:

  2. FIRST/

Where FIRST and LAST are first and last possible value of the last octet which satisfies the prefix, and REST_OCTETS is remaining octet in reverse order.
Eg. If IP range is, then
FIRST = 16
LAST = 31
REST_OCTETS = 15.168.192

So rdns zone name in:

  1. Format 1:
  2. Format 2: 16/

Note: Consult with IP provider to confirm which one of above sub-delegation RDNS format they support.

Adding Reverse DNS Domain

After adding the RDNS Zone from the Admin Panel, Endusers can enter the reverse DNS for their IP address from Enduser Panel. If you need any further information, please contact Virtualizor Support.

RDNS management option for Enduser panel can be controlled through following options
under Admin Panel > Configuration > Master Settings -> Enable RDNS

Enduser will be able to manage RDNS entries only if Auto Add rDNS Zone option is enabled .
If there is no zone present, then new zone entry will also get created for the PTR record added.

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