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Creating A VPS


This guide shows you how to create a VPS in Virtualizor. Its a general guide and doesn't take into account the differences in Virtualization technologies like OpenVZ, Xen, XenServer, Proxmox and KVM.

To Create A Vps

Go to "Virtual Servers -> Create Vps"

Create VPS Task

In Create VPS you can find 2 sections
1. Basic Settings
2. Advanced Options

Basic Settings

Basic settings

General Settings

general setting






CPU addvs

* Example 

Core(s) to utilize on server (÷) total core(s) allocated to VPS x 100 = CPU% value.

Example 1 : If you've VPS with 4 cores and you want it to utilize only 2 cores on the host server , then you can set the CPU% value as 50.

2 ÷ 4 x 100 = 50 (CPU%)

Example 2 : If you've a VPS with 4 cores and you want it to utilize only 1 core on the host server , you can set the CPU% as 25.

1 ÷ 4 x 100 = 25 (CPU%)

Note : Each CPU core represents 100% of one physical core. This behavior may be different as per the base OS as well.



SSH Key Settings

SSH key settings

Load Balancer Settings (Professional License)

Load balancer settings

Advanced Options

Network Settings

Network adbanced setting


Disk Advanced

Vertical Scaling settings

Vertical scaling advanced setting

Control Panel

Virtualizor allows endusers and admins to install some Control Panels directly on the VPS. However, shutting down the VPS will be required in case of Xen and KVM VPS. list of Control panel is 
1. Webuzo
2. Plesk
3. Cpanel
4. Webmin
7. Centos Web Panel
8. VestaCP

Control panel advanced settings


CPU advanced settings

Miscellaneous Settings

Miscellaneous settings

NOTE: If you are creating VPS using an Windows ISO, you will need to remove the system reserved partition manually after VPS creation and then ONLY Virtualizor will be able to perform operations like Change password and enabling RDP.

Here is the link for how to remove System reserved Partition for windows VPS :

Remove system Reserved partition

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