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Two Factor Authentication (Admin panel)


This page will give you explanation for how to Enable / Disable Two Factor Authentication From Admin Panel for Enduser.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

  • To enable Two Factor Authentication, go to Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Master Settings
  • Under Enduser Settings you can see two setting available for Two factor authentication

Enable Two Factor Authentication
This setting will enable Two Factor Authentication for all Endusers. But this will not enforce two factor authentication to enduser. They will have to choose the method (i.e. Email or App) from endsuer panel -> Security Settings.

Email OTP
If checked, this setting will be applied when Enable Two Factor Authentication is enabled. This setting will force Two factor Authentication on all users via EMAIL, even if they have not set any two factor methods.
Once enduser sets any of the setting for two factor authentication, first preference will be given to enduser setting.

Disable Two Factor Authentication

For all Endusers

Two factor authentication can be disabled from Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Master Settings -> uncheck the Enable Two Factor Authentication checkbox.
This will disable two factor authentication for all the endusers.

Disable for Single/All/Admin User(s)

You can disable two factor authentication for single user as well.

  • To disable for single user go to Admin Panel -> Users -> List Users
  • Select the user for which you want to disable Two Factor Authentication and select Deactivate 2FA from the dropdown at the bottom of the page.

Disable for root

To disable two factor authentication for root user, please execute the following command on the node.
(Note: Requires Virtualizor 2.9.6)

/usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/virtualizor/scripts/disable_2fa.php
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