High Availability

Virtualizor now supports High Availability for KVM Virtualization.


  •  CentOS 7.x or Red Hat Enterprise 6.x .
  • yum .
  • Shared Storage to create the VPS (DomUs) disks and KVM XMl configuration files mount at /etc/libvirt .
  • At least four cluster nodes with Virtualizor KVM (to get reliable quorum) includes Virtualizor master.


Login to the Virtualizor Master with the servers root details. Add a Server Group in the Virtualizor Master. To add a Server Group, click on Servers ->Add Server Groups and check the High Availability checkbox to enable High
Availability for the Server Group.

Check if Server Group has HA enabled . Click on Servers -> Server Groups/Regions

Add a new server to the High Availability Server Group .
To add a Server Group, click on Servers ->Add Server and select the Server Group with HA enabled.

Check the progress of the HA Utilities Installation from the tasks page.

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