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How to make a Language Pack


Virtualizor has many languages and you can make your own language pack as well. This guide shows you how to make your own language pack.

How to translate

Making a language pack is very simple. Virtualizor's language strings are in a PHP array format.

  • Copy the /usr/local/virtualizor/languages/english folder to /usr/local/virtualizor/languages/NEWLANGUAGE
  • Then start translating each file.

Note : All language files inside the /usr/local/virtualizor/languages/NEWLANGUAGE/admin folder are used for the admin panel. The new Virtualizor Enduser UI uses only the index_lang.php and enduser_lang.php files from the /usr/local/virtualizor/NEWLANGUAGE/ folder, so you just need to convert theses two files for the New Enduser UI for your new language.

The following is a sample code of a language file :

$l['<title>'] = 'Dashboard';
$l['basic'] = 'Basic Information';
$l['hostname'] = 'Host Name:'; 
$l['osinstalled'] = 'OS Installed:';
$l['ipaddr'] = 'IP Address:';
$l['cpuinfo'] = 'CPU Information';
$l['raminfo'] = 'RAM Information';
$l['diskinfo'] = 'Disk Information';
$l['bandwidthinfo'] = 'Bandwidth Information';
$l['cur_stat'] = 'Status';
$l['status_1'] = 'Online';
$l['status_0'] = 'Offline';
$l['suspended'] = 'Suspended';
$l['poweredby'] = ' Powered by: ';
$l['trademarks'] = 'All respective logos used are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.';

Changing the Default Language

In order to change the default language go to the Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Slave Settings.
There you will find the Choose Language option. You can choose the language of your choice.

Making your language available to all

We need translators to translate Virtualizor into other languages.
You can create a ticket here if you are interested :

All translators will get ONE License FREE till the TIME you maintain the Language.
As a first creator of a new language pack, you will be give one years license for free.

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