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This guide will help you for how to get the Lifetime license for your Virtualizor Server.

Why Lifetime License ?

Lifetime license is the license which never expires. You will get support and updates for the first year (from the date of activation) and after that panel will work as it is for lifetime till the server exists. You will not get any support and updates from Virtualizor after first year. You can use this type of license if you want to just manage the VM(s) but does not matter if you do not get the updates from Virtualizor.

NOTE: For Terms & Condition please visit the following link : Terms & Conditions

NOTE: After 1 year, update and support will be expired and your lifetime license will not get updates from Virtualizor. if you have Slaves which are of different versions, the slaves will fail to sync with master server and VM management will not be possible.

How to get Lifetime License ?

To get the Lifetime license, you will need to login to Softaculous Client center. Select the Lifetime License from the dropdown list.

Click on Purchase Virtualizor and after that you will be redirected to payment page. Once payment is done your license will be activated and you will be able to see the lifetime license under your account. Lifetime license starts with the prefix VIRTE

How to install Lifetime License ?

You can add Lifetime license from the Virtualizor Admin panel -> Configuration -> License Info -> Enter Key (field)

How to renew the Lifetime License ?

Lifetime license will work till your server exists. But after first year you will not get the support and updates for Virtualizor panel.

You can renew either support service period or update service period or both.

You can find the pricing at the following link :

NOTE: You can not convert your existing license to Lifetime license at the moment. You will need to purchase the new License for lifetime license.

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