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Live migration on KVM Virtualizor is available since 3.0.6 (release candidate version) and the feature is in beta.

  • It is recommended to migrate between same hardware structure and OS to avoid issues.
  • For this feature to work, having a shared storage is not mandatory.
  • IP pool on panel (assuming its routed to work on source and destination servers) should be shared amongst servers.
  • ISO, if attached to the VM, should also be shared on destination server before migration.
  • VPS should not be powered off for starting live migration.
  • Live migration will not sparse the VPS disk if its using Thin-LVM on source server.
  • Destination server's hostname should NOT be set to 'localhost'.
  • Handling the progress of live migration task on tasks page is pending and will be available soon.
  • Live migration from Intel CPU to AMD is currently not working if CPU mode is set to "host-model" for vps.
  • Live migration uses ports from 49152 to 49216, If they are blocked then migration will be affected.


If the transfer logs in live migration task shows its stuck in 99% then it's most likely due to the current downtime set for the VPS.


You can check the expected downtime for VPS on Source server :

virsh domjobinfo VID

You can find VID on list VPS page
Log Output Example for CentOS 7 host:

[root@centos7 ~]# virsh domjobinfo v1001

Job type: Unbounded 

Time elapsed: 1156 ms 

Data processed: 104.983 MiB 

Data remaining: 2.568 GiB 

Data total: 3.923 GiB 

Memory processed: 104.983 MiB 

Memory remaining: 2.568 GiB 

Memory total: 3.923 GiB 

Memory bandwidth: 191.744 MiB/s 

Dirty rate: 0 pages/s 

Iteration: 0 

Constant pages: 328857 

Normal pages: 26269 

Normal data: 102.613 MiB 

Expected downtime: 3000 ms 

Setup time: 32 ms

You can then set a higher downtime value on the slave server for the VPS.
View existing downtime : 

virsh migrate-getmaxdowntime VID

You can set new downtime based on the domjobinfo command output where it shows expected downtime.
Set new downtime value
(As per your suitable value) : 

virsh migrate-setmaxdowntime VID <milliseconds>

Increasing downtime should make the migration finish faster.

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