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This guide will help you for how to activate Private license for your internal (Behind the firewall) server setup.

Why Private License ?

Many users have their server setup behind the firewall to protect it from outside world where their server might get hacked or compromised. So in this scenario you can use the Private license for your Virtualizor setup.

How to get Private License ?

To get the Private license you will need to contact the Virtualizor support. You will need to provide your registered email ID and internal IP of your server on which you want to setup the Virtualizor.

After that our support team will add the trial Private license to your account.

Once the Private license is assigned to your account, you can see the license under you Softaculous Client center account. Private license starts with the prefix VIRTD.

You can use that key while installing Virtualizor on your server by providing parameter as "license".

How to install Private License ?

There are two way to install Private license:

1 - If you are making the fresh install and want to use Private license on your server then you will need to get the license first as mentioned in above steps and then pass the license while installing using following command.

./ kernel=YOUR_PREFERED_KERNEL license=VIRTD-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

2 - If you have an active license and want to convert it to Private license, you will need to get the Private license as mentioned in above steps. Once our support team assigns Private license to your account you will need to enter the license to Virtualizor panel manually.

You can add the license at Virtualizor Admin panel -> Configuration -> License Info wizard -> Enter Key (field)

How to renew the Private License ?

You can renew the Private license as normal license from Softaculous Client center.

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