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Recipes are predefined bash scripts. Admin can create those scripts for Endusers. This guide will show how to add recipes.

Add Recipe

To add recipes go to Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Recipes -> Add Recipe.

  • Recipe Name: Name of your recipe. This will be displayed to users.
  • Shell type: Choose the shell type using which the recipe should be executed, default will be sh shell (for windows leave default).
  • Recipe Logo: URL of the logo for your recipe. This field is optional.
  • Enter your Recipe: Enter the actual code here.
  • Description: This will be shown to the user.
  • Is Admin only Recipe? : If enabled then the recipe will be visible to Admin User(s) only
  • Activate/Deactivate: On the List Recipes page, you can activate or deactivate recipes. By default, the recipe is activated, and if it is active, it is visible for use. If you deactivate the recipe, it will be hidden and cannot be used.

Recipe For Windows VPS

If you want to execute recipe within Windows VPS then your script must be in Batch or PowerShell script formats.
When setting up your VPS, select the desired recipe. This ensures your script runs automatically upon VPS boot.

Directly place your commands in the script without any headers or initialization code.
The Virtualizor panel will detect the script format based on the recipe you selected. If the selected template is named 'windows-' any headers will be automatically ignored during execution.

After the script runs, logs can be found in the virt_scripts folder located on the C drive of your VPS.

If you want to execute powershell script then you will need to write your recipe something like this:
powershell -Command " powershell script here "

For further reference, you can search online for how to run PowerShell commands in CMD.
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