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Rescue Mode


Users can rescue their important data in critical conditions like VPS failure or file system crash. In this mode user enters in the new "Rescue VPS", which is predefined OS template, through which data can be backed up from a crashed VPS. By entering in Rescue Mode users will have access to other VPS LVM and mount them to get the data.

Supported Virtualization Technique

Virtualizor only supports Rescue Mode in KVM, XEN-HVM and XEN-PV.

How to Enable Rescue Mode

Users can enable Rescue Mode in any VPS by switching on Rescue Mode option available in Enduser Panel.

Follow the Screenshot Below.

Step 1 : Click on the link next to VPS ID. It will redirect you to Enduser Panel.

Step 2 : You will find Rescue Mode button in Enduser Panel.

Step 3 : It will ask you to enter the root password (PS : This login credential is used to enter in Rescue VPS)

NOTE : If you are using Rescue Mode for the first time, it will take 3 to 5 minutes to enable.

You have successfully enabled the Rescue Mode.

Enter into Rescue VPS

SSH to the VPS in which you have enabled the Rescue Mode. You will find the predefined Debian based Rescue VPS. Now you can perform the operation you want on your VPS. You can mount your original VPS and get the data you want.

Server Admin is notified in Admin panel as the image below.

NOTE : Admin can't delete or Edit the VPS while in Rescue Mode. Anyhow Admin has the privilege to disable the rescue mode by disabling it into Enduser Panel.

For LXC the original VPS disk will be mounted on /mnt

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