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This article explains network settings when using OVH/Kimsufi servers

Important Notes before proceeding :
Mac id can be generated and found in ovh robot panel .You can give any machine name but mac type should be ovh.

If you want to add secondary ip's or add on ip's to the vps the make sure you assign the same mac id of primary ip of vps to the secondary ip.

Adding different mac id to secondary ip's will not work on existing vps.

Note: Mac is not required in case of OpenVZ.

The following fields in the Create IP Pool form have to be filled as below:


Gateway : IPv4 : It should be same as the server's gateway found in output of route -n command on the server.
(Alternatively) This will be your host/box/node server IP Address, but with the last octet as 254. For example : My host IP is, so the gateway will be

Netmask : This will be given by service provider .

Routed : Please check routed option .

Adding ip and mac :Please add ip and mac one by one .


Gateway :  If your IPv6 is xxxx:xxxx:x:xxxx::1/64, then your Gateway will be – xxxx:xxxx:x:xxFF:FF:FF:FF:FF (viz, same as of your server's ipv6 gateway)
You can even check it in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route6-interface-name file .
Interface-name can be found in ifconfig command output on server.
Or in /etc/network/interfaces file .
You can even find gateway using the steps provided in this guide :

Netmask : This will be given by service provider

Routed : Please check routed option

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